Wrong Address – Don’t Let it Happen to You!

Merry Mailman

This is a courtesy notice to suggest that those of you who bought Issue 1 of Coilhouse take an extra minute to make sure that you gave us the correct shipping address in PayPal. We only bring this up because it seems to be a common mistake: we’ve gotten about five emails now along the lines of “I accidentally forgot to select my new address, is it possible to change this?” If this problem occurs, of course we can fix it. We encourage everyone to find the automated email you received from PayPal after you ordered your copy and verify that the shipping address on there is correct. If you need a correction, please send an note to G., our unstoppable one-woman shipping powerhouse. She will get it straightened out ASAP. Please also note that we’ve been so inundated with an unexpected amount of orders (wow! thanks, guys!) that your magazines are being shipped 1 or 2 days after you place the order. We should be caught up by this weekend. Thank you!

17 Responses to “Wrong Address – Don’t Let it Happen to You!”

  1. Fifa Says:

    Do you send out emails when the orders are shipped?

  2. Nadya Says:

    Fifa, you should get an automated email when your order is processed. It will include a tracking URL that you can use to check on the status of your package. Thank you!

  3. Khyote Says:

    Are any retail stores (read Barnes and Noble or Borders) carrying the mag yet, I prefer to buy local when I can, if not I’ll order online. I live in the middle of nowhere that’s why I’m asking about the big chains.

  4. Nadya Says:

    Khyote, it will be available in stores, but we don’t have the exact date or list of stores yet. We are waiting on that info from our distributor. We’ll post it as soon as we have it. Thanks!

  5. Jami Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I ordered mine this morning and made extra sure the address is right.
    Also, I just had Notcot.org post about the magazine going on sale. Check it out: http://www.notcot.org/post/13143/

  6. Nadya Says:

    OH MY GOD NOTCOT…. thank you! *SQUISH*

    “Premiere” is spelled wrong though. :(

    Although I should be one to talk. ;)

  7. cappy Says:

    Hmm — never got an automated email. (I know everything’s working cause I got a few other emails for other stuff I bought via PayPal.) Hell, either way, it says on my PayPal account that it was shipped out and everything, so it’s not like I’m worrying.

    @Nadya: Oh, no, it’s not misspelled — they’re obviously talking about the special “So, who wants to Khrushchev?” version.

  8. Nadya Says:

    Cappy, sometimes there’s a lag in those automated emails. If you send me an email to [email protected], I will be able to check on the status for you.

  9. Jani Says:

    Heck, my Status says still “Electronic shipping info received” and now it’s third day starting after ordering, but it’s hard to say because of huge time difference, anyways…
    I am in no way hurry… I believe it will arrive, when stars are right ;)

  10. Nadya Says:

    Jani, I’ve discovered that the tracking information for International Orders says “Electronic Shipping Info Received” indefinitely. Sorry, we have no control over that! I can tell you that your package was sent out on Wednesday, the 20th.

  11. Thews Says:

    got my friend to order it for me so I’ll have to pick it up from him when it gets in.

    @ Nadya, the answer to your nicely asked question from the other entry comment is, Riverside CA (the SoCal one not the NorCal one)

  12. Jani Says:

    Nadya, thank you you very muchos for checking! Lot’s of love.
    I was not blaming you on that, I somewhat was expecting that kind of stuff from experiences with postal service of my own country.
    But wednesday, that’s good! I will get it probably very soon next week, can’t wait. :)

  13. Nadya Says:

    Thews and Jani, hope you both each get your copy soon and enjoy it.

  14. cappy Says:

    Just got mine today — looks great, and thanks for the fast damn shipping! Had a corner all bunged up, though. :P

  15. Jani Says:

    Got mine today too. And now I am going to read it. So see you all later. Looks good if you judge it by covers ;)

  16. creativename Says:

    Just got my magazine and it is fantabulous!
    Love the typography and layout. I wouldn’t expect anything less. Well done!

  17. Jani Says:

    That was one superb magazine! Pictures were really great etc.
    No deep analyzes from me, everyone see for themselves what a great magazine these wonderfull ladies have put up.
    Lots of love. Now let’s begin waiting for issue 2 and have good moments inbetween here at blog. :)