Better Than Coffee: Detektivbyran’s “Wermland”

Imagine if, one crisp autumnal morning, young Amelie imbibed fifteen espressos and ran off with Edward Scissorhands to the magical realm of Gothenburg for an impetuous holiday of snowflake-on-tongue-catching, pirouettes and miniature pony-fondling. Who better to provide the soundtrack than this trio of whey-faced moppets known as Detektivbyrån?

The lads perform their Orff-Schulwerkian ditty, “Generation Celebration”.

Released earlier this month, their new album Wermland has already risen to the top of the charts in Sweden, and it’s a delightful, chiming romp. I just want to put ’em all in my pocket.

More floppy-haired glockenspielunking under the cut.

18 Responses to “Better Than Coffee: Detektivbyran’s “Wermland””

  1. Bella Says:

    Totally friggen awesome!

    I was about to go to bed, but now I’m totally too hyped up to sleep :)

    Thanks mer!

  2. electronic_mily Says:

    Oh, my. I think that may have altered my whole day in the best way possible.

    And, in the first video, I am definitely impressed by the part where the one on the right is playing an accordion and some type of xylophone-dealie at the same time. That is talent.

  3. Tanya Says:

    Get outta my brain! I love the glockenspiel. I want to have a glockenspiel and marimba orchestra. These guys are living the dream. Love them!

  4. sc2xl Says:

    I was trying to figure out who I loved more, you or Zoë, but between this and your Madness post, the scale has definitely tipped in a permanently pointed sway toward your general direction. Uh…no offense, Nayda! :)

    The inspired description captured the music perfectly and made me make with the toothy grin. Pirouettes are not enough. I float, while secular chains coercively bind others steadfast to the ground. After hearing the delicate and delicious melodies, my hope is that they may reach escape velocity and break free of another mundane Monday morning and find their own missing bliss.

    Better than coffee, indeed! Thanks for sharing Mer!

    Keep up the good works, Ladies!

  5. Fritz Bogott Says:

    That made my day!

  6. sujaco Says:

    Delightful sound!

  7. gooby Says:

    Miss F just sold a really beautiful glock in order to have money to live and stuff. Sad times.

    I’ve had “Om Du Möter Varg” stuck in my head forever and didn’t know who did the darn song! Mystery solved, you is so good like that!

  8. Mer Says:

    Hooray, lovelies. Glad you likes. Thanks to this Better Than Coffee feature, I might actually start looking forward to Monday morns. I hope you guys will, too! However, to the favoritism, I say POOOOOP. We ain’t the Spice Girls. :D

    Although… if we were….

    Say, I could finally live out my sooper seekrit dream of becoming “Old Spice”! I’ve got it all planned out, actually; I’ll don a grizzled white merkin beard, do geriatric cane jigs, rub prunes all over my boobs and go “EHHHHNNNNN” a lot.


  9. Drew Yoon Says:

    love love loved it.

  10. Jordan Says:

    I was having trouble settling on music to make my next dance/movement film project to, and my girlfriend (xevv, for whoever follows her LJ) found this and excitedly texted me right away!

    That was this morning. Now we’re on break from the shoot :)

    Having a blast with it. THANKS!

  11. Lauren Says:

    Absolutely gorgeously smile-worthy. Thanks, Mer!

  12. Chris L Says:

    Wow, fantastic.
    “Glockenspielunking” is my new favourite compound word.
    Thank you, thank you.

  13. D Says:

    Wierdly I haven’t seen them yet, despite being in the right town at the right time. Will be remedied.

  14. Tequila Says:

    No doubt if I ever joined a band…this would be the result only nowhere near as listenable. Thanks for this…very enjoyable and will add em to my playlists.

    “…’ll don a grizzled white merkin beard, do geriatric cane jigs, rub prunes all over my boobs and go “EHHHHNNNNN” a lot…”

    Thanks Mer. I can always trust you to give me the perfect image to go about my day with.

  15. Mer Says:

    Jordan, Xevv that’s awesome! I wanna see it! Send us a note if you end up putting it on Youtube or something.

    T, that image is truly the gift that keeps on giving, if I do say so myself.

    I want these folks to tour with Amanda P. They’d be perfect openers for her.

  16. maggie Says:

    cute stuff :)

  17. Jordan Says:

    I finished the detektivbyran video I mentioned above :)

    Make sure you click the link below the video to watch it in higher quality.

  18. andy r. Says:

    these guys are awesome.