Brian M. Viveros: Smokin’ Hot

Evil-Last, new painting by pinup artist Brian Viveros

Arist Brian M. Viveros has the “don’t mess with me” girl-with-a-cigarette pinup down to a science. So many dense fetish permutations, so little time! Here’s helmet + goggle + octopus + tentacle marks. Or: eyepatch + band-aid + mickey mouse ears + fetish gear. Etc. The transparency of the source material is at times a bit distracting (i.e. this obviously came from this), but the images remain fun nevertheless.

I imagine a young Brian coming face-to-face with the cover of Tank Girl: Apocalypse, and just being scarred (in a good way) for life. Or an alternate-universe, born-50-years-too-early Viveros going off to war and ignoring the pinups that the other soldiers were so crazy about, jacking off to the U.S. Department of Public Health-issued pamphlets instead. Inspiration is where you find it!

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6 Responses to “Brian M. Viveros: Smokin’ Hot”

  1. Ed Autumn Says:

    Yes! I love Mr. Viveros!! His work is always refreshingly provocative and intriguing to look at. The backgrounds always peel with a sort of etheral, netherworld decadence and yet seem to merge with the exquisite decay and beauty of the figures themselves. The amazing skill coupled with percision and a charming sense of humour and eccentricity makes each painting a world to explore, where each character and setting seems so identifiable yet so distant and fantastical. Plus, these ladies are smokin’! I always keep my eye out for his stuff, however envious it seems to make me ;)

    Thanks for this Nadya! :D

  2. { ? } Says:

    so far all of the artists featured on Coilhouse have been long time faves. However im glad to see someone i havent heard about that makes me all squealy with excitement and awe. Mr Viveros’paintings are stunning- they may be a little transparent in regards to reference, but i still think he has managed to distinguish a style of his own.

  3. Ashbet Says:

    The tentacle-marks picture is making me go all wobbly in the knees ;)

    And I can’t stop laughing at that “bag of trouble” picture — that is FABULOUS. Thank you for sharing! ^_^

  4. q gauti Says:

    bottom left image of the four, which polish film poster was that taken from? someone refresh my memory . trying to find the original..

  5. Peter S. Says:

    Forget the STDs, I can hear Bag of Trouble’s TB cough from here. Wow. I need to dig into that site!

  6. Beetleginny Says:

    The girl in the first painting, Evil-Last looks a whole hell of lot like Darenzia, no?