Zo! Style Technician. September 15, 2008

This edition of Z!ST is brought to you by Space Channel 5 and everyone’s inner intergalactic mercenary. It’s been a while, and I’ve had time to accumulate some excellent tidbits to share with you. One of the few troubles with being, shall we say, not-so-tall is the eternal bunching of garments around the waist, which has led to my rabid love of cropped jackets and shrugs. As a bonus, this particular piece comes with pink contrast stitching that matches my glasses. And with the slow onset of fall The Layering begins once again – I couldn’t be happier.

At a glance it may be unclear why this admittedly bold outfit would suit a woman on a mission, but I assure you, it’s all perfectly functional. A hood to conceal your identity, an array of shiny baubles to distract the enemy, heels with protective padding for your best kicks all make for fine mission gear.  To the untrained eye you might look like a space hooker, but worry not – that never stopped Aeon Flux or the Silk Spectre.

Cropped jacket: by Tur:bo[wear] via. Cryoflesh.com

T-shirt: Social Awearness

Bubble skirt: H&M

Tights: H&M

Legwarmers: gift from Hong Kong

Shoes: ElectriqueBoutique.com

Accessory details and more photos beyond the jump.

Art Monkey pendant: Rock of Love

Rivet ring + bracelet: Contraptions Studio

Caffeine molecule: Made With Molecules

Bag: Anemone via Plastik Wrap

G.I. Headphones: Skullcandy

Crystal costume jewelry: vintage

Earrings: retaining rings from an electronic surplus shop in Toronto

32 Responses to “Zo! Style Technician. September 15, 2008”

  1. Irene Kaoru Says:

    “space hooker” is the look I’m going for anyway about 50% of the time so all that functionality? total bonus.

  2. Zoetica Says:

    I can totally see you rocking this look, too. We’d make a fahhbulous space hooker team, I do believe.

  3. R. Says:

    That whole outfit is made of awesome. Especially those shoes. They’re just great.

  4. Jani Says:

    This outfit rocks my socks. :)
    And it rocked my girlfriends too. She loved the shoes, which are pretty cheap in scale of Finland! I cannot help but wonder those prices and look for my credit card with eager eyes.

  5. Alice Says:

    This concentrated infusion of fashion advice is just what I needed on a day like this, where I’m feeling especially frumpy and made grumpy by the heat. Inspiration, hoooo!

    Now that you’re look’s become rather stream-lined and chic, it’s really fun to go back into the archives and see how much you’re style’s changed, but how great you’ve been able to pull off ALL of them.

  6. Rex Parker Says:

    The text of this write-up alone is enough to make me fall in love (sweetly, safely — I’m happily married).

    You had me at “Silk Spectre.”


  7. Zoetica Says:

    R, those shoes are my favorites right now. And if you click on “More Colors” you’ll see they come in pink/purple, brown, white, and anime!

    Jani, they’re pretty cheap by U.S. standards, too. I love Electrique Boutique!

    Alice, totally! I’ve definitely streamlined and become a lot more frugal with color. I still like brightness on occasion, but the bulk of my everything is black with shades of gray. I’m actually a teensy bit horrified at some of my older outfit choices, but happy to have them cataloged anyhow!

  8. Zoetica Says:

    Rex, I’m toying with the idea of dressing as Silk Spectre for Halloween, ha!

  9. R. Says:

    Zo, they come in anime!? I think I’m definitely in love with them!

  10. Zoetica Says:

    Yes! Click for anime goodness.

  11. Annie Says:

    To put it in simplest terms: You are fabulous and you make me want to be more fabulous.

    How do you keep hair color from getting absolutely everywhere though? I recently re-purpled my hair and everything, including the collars of most of my shirts and my hands, are tragic shades of violet. Even sadder, this all happened days AFTER the dyeing.


  12. Zoetica Says:

    Fabulousness all around! I will try to do a hair tutorial soon, but my chief thing is using Special Effects hair dye. It’s The Best. What brand do you use?

  13. Annie Says:

    A hair tutorial would be marvelous.

    I’m currently trying out Raw because Special Effects seems to have disappeared from cities most accessible to me. I’ve only ever used Special Effect’s Atomic Pink, but I could never tell if it was all over my fingers, as it just sort of turned everything slightly rosy. Regardless, I’m planning on an NYC trip in a week or two because I’m desperate for some Special Effects. Raw is good, but it’s not holding as long as I’d like. There seems to be more on my fingers than my hair…

  14. cappy Says:

    Space hooker, pah — where’s your singular gold eyebrow?

  15. Zoetica Says:

    Gold simply clashed with all the silver, see!

  16. Tequila Says:

    You win extra cool points for simply mentioning Space Channel 5. Now I got assorted songs from it in my head.

    Space hooker or spy you look about ready to take down an evil corporation while listening to your favorite tunes and making the thousand odd security forces sent to stop you drool before death.

    Those shoes though…so awesome. Same with the purse!

  17. Zoetica Says:

    Tequila, I am so into these Anemone bags right now – I love that they’re shaped like old-school clutch bags but are made of alien flesh. I wonder if they make backpacks for boys! Custom order, perhaps?

  18. james puckett Says:

    Blue hair never had something so good looking to look on. Or something like that.

  19. Maeri Says:

    Fabulous Zo! I love this whole outfit.
    I think I have to move (or at least visit for an extended period of time) to LA just so I can tromp around in killer heals such as those! Walking around NYC has turned my poor hooves into frumpy madness!

  20. marsiouxpial Says:

    as i was looking at these here photographs, in a library in riverside, i felt really strange….
    i then turned around to see a couple of people ogling the screen from behind me.

    my conclusion:
    you are way too legit to quit.
    and, you just saved my short statured life!!!!!!
    short jackets for short people!
    only true unadulterated sexy genius can think of it!

    (interestingly enough, the library is home to one of the largest science fiction collections KNOWN TO MANKIND. and by mankind i mean some amount that i forgot how much it is…)

  21. Embot Says:

    woooOoOOoo. Neat.

    For some reason, most of my wardrobe is starting to consist primarily of black and grey as well, although, I’m into more of a “masculine” style. Life is just easier without having to worry about all those damn colors!

    Hmm, I use Manic Panic hair dye, I always thought they were pretty good?

    I love how you “use yourself” so creatively!
    I wish I could apply my make-up as well as you do Ms. Zoetica … :(

  22. Molly Crabapple » Blog Archive » Zoetica Ebb Rocks the Dr. Sketchy’s Art Monkey Necklace Says:

    […] can read deets of her whole outfit HERE on Coilhouse And buy the minkey necklace HERE from […]

  23. Sarah Says:

    You didn’t mention the glasses?!? They are fantastic!

    You have a great eye for different textures & colors!

  24. lumivalkoinen Says:

    *laughs a little at the SA mention*

  25. Tequila Says:

    @Zo…”I wonder if they make backpacks for boys! Custom order, perhaps?”

    Hmmm…good question. At the very least a messenger bag would be nice no?

  26. Bianca Alexis Says:

    thank god for Brooklyn, NY. Found those Balencia shoes for $50, but I hated the beige undersole, so I painted the back red. I’ll show you a pic, it looks fierce!

  27. Shay Says:

    I like the bag!

  28. Zoetica Says:

    Shay – thanks, I love me some Anemone!

    Bianca – yes, the beige is terrible! I should paint mine black or silver. Yes, silver.

    Tequila – drop them a line – very friendly and helpful!

    Lumi – hee!

    Sarah – the glasses are from a very generic frame boutique in Tokyo

    Embot – MP is alright but Special Effects lasts longer and won’t come off on pillowcases [unless you go to bed with wet hair]

    marsiouxpial – quoting hammer gets you points!

    Maeri – Yes! Visit! And I was certainly glad I brought 2″ kitten heel boots along on my recent NYC trip.

    James, thank you!

  29. Steve Says:

    Whee! This outfit is made of win. I have so many new places to spend too much money on clothes at now. I am especially in <3 with Cryoflesh. Much of it is a bit too fetish for the look I think I’m able to pull off (but still totally awesome), but much of it I think I can rock. Now, excuse me, I must go clothe myself for the cyberpocalypse.

  30. Ed Autumn Says:

    Man, I wish I could get things like this and then actually look nice in them! But these are really awesome, probably more so with your super fashion/ space hooker skills Zo ;P

  31. Sam Ramirez Says:

    I would love a hair tutorial too, but beware to some of special effecs, because some hair types such as mine don’t take to it even after bleach, so yeah…hmmmm…maybe i did it wrong… Nonetheless I use Manic Panic now which works fine.

  32. onyxfaith Says:

    I would love to see you do a hair tutorial! It would be great to get some advice from you, and see what comments you get. I use Special Effects myself… one of the blue colors… I think Blue Velvet. Anyway, it tends to look more purple/blue on my hair, depending on the light. I have to bleach my hair first, since it’s almost black naturally. I’m in love with the brand. I’ve never had a dye be so incredibly saturated with color, and it seems to last quite a long time. The only problem I seem to have with it is that it comes off on everything so easily for the first couple weeks. I scratch my head, or play with my hair and end up with purple nails and fingers. You should see it when I have to sleep on white pillow cases! I mentioned this to a hair stylist recently, and she suggested I could mix a low level developer in with it. So I grabbed a 10. I haven’t tried it yet, but the next time I do a touchup, I plan to add it in and see if it helps.