Issue 01 Advertisers, We Salute You!

The separation between advertising & editorial was likened by Henry Luce to the division between church and state; a vital, necessary wall that keeps a magazine honest and pure. We’ve had to turn down several advertisers so far because they pressured us to blog or run print features about them as part of the deal, and will continue to do that as time goes by.

That said, I’d like to dedicate a special blog post (though none of them asked for it) to our four main Issue 01 sponsors: people who decided to place an ad in the first two issues of a magazine that wasn’t yet even published, with a relatively small print run and no proven track record of print success. For a business to give their ad dollars to a such a new publisher, especially in 2008’s economy, was asking a lot. But these guys took the leap, and it’s because of them – as well as all of you, who ordered Issue 01- that we’re able to make Issue 02.

After the jump, my take on and personal thanks to Angelspit, Plastik Wrap, Lip Service and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – the fantastic four advertisers who put their faith in Coilhouse from the start.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab makes hand-blended potions, perfumes and esoteric brews with various gothic/Victorian/literature-inspired themes. The vegan-friendly company (“all perfumes are tested on Elizabeth”) is known for its commitment to charity and the arts; 100% of the proceeds from their Neil Gaiman-inspired perfume collection go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The gorgeous website, filled with stark Beardsley drawings and poetry, is not without a sense of humor. As one disclaimer points out, “terms used on this site such as ‘brimstone’, ‘saltpeter’, ‘opium’, and the like are intended as descriptive copy, and are not literal translations of the ingredients of our scents. Srsly.” Aww!

Lip Service began as a one-man shop out of LA in the ’80s and is today the 800-pound gorilla of mass-manufactured alternative fashion in the US. From its humble beginnings – founder Drew Bernstein used his mom’s Xerox machine to make skull graphics for screen-printed leggings – Lip Service has grown into a  multi-employee business with many different ranges for both men and women. Our contact with Lip Service came through the fabulous Karen Shultz, the Lip Service designer (see her in action!) and avid Coilhouse reader who’s responsible for my favorite recent Lip Service line, Duchess de Sade.

Futuristic fashion label Plastik Wrap is the brainchild of Adriana Fulop and Ryan Webber in Toronto. Plastik Wrap’s highly-recognizable aesthetic of sharp angles, buckled straps and somber colors create the overall sense of “grown-up clubwear” – a take on the technological/cyber aesthetic that’s sleek, streamlined, understated and smart. Plastik Wrap constantly updates their site with new shoots, and has collaborated with Zoetica many times over the years. The two recently released a limited T-shirt range that may look familiar to Coilhouse readers. But Zo’s not the only staff member to model for Plastik Wrap! Issue 01 copy editor/writer IO also lent Plastik Wrap her looks for the Sci-Fi/Corporate Goth shoot, which can be seen on their site.

Angelspit is an industrial/electronic music duo from Sydney. The music is a blend of stompy modern EBM and with a bit of infectious riot grrrl flavor. Angelspit has toured the US, UK and Europe with acts including KMFDM, Front242 and Frontline Assembly. Recently, they released a new album titled Blood Death Ivory, which deals with themes such as women’s body issues, self-destructive consumerism and the underlying primitive nature of the modern world. Much credit for Angelspit’s aesthetic goes to frontwoman Amelia Arsenic, who designed many of the band’s most striking outfits as well as the eye-catching website and new album cover. Amelia’s other pursuits include drawing and designing circuit-printed hair falls under the name Hair Surgeon.

In conclusion, I can say with confidence that all of Issue 01 advertisers get it – they get what we do, and they went out on a limb to support it. So please, support them. They are all, each in their own way, totally deserving.

Coilhouse Issue 01 advertisers, we salute you!

11 Responses to “Issue 01 Advertisers, We Salute You!”

  1. kris_ether Says:

    Well damn! I have sampled the goods of 3 of the above and they are all excellent. Need to look into those nice perfumes for my pet fiend! It was great to see in issue 1 advertisements for brands that I respect, bands that I like and brands that were new to me. One of the great thing about the ads in the pages of coilhouse was that they too were high quality and gorgeous to look at, unlike a supposed alternative mag that gets brandished around here in old blighty like it’s the revised copy of the Bible. With writing an articles as good as you get in coilhouse I’d even pay to have it shipped to Alpha Centauri!

    Issue 2? Any clues as to what to expect in that beast (maybe a free gooey sweet on the front or a lego Cthulhu figure)

  2. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Y’know, my first thought upon flipping through ish 01, was that the ads didn’t feel like ads. They were there, obviously, but they didn’t detract from the experience. May’ve been because I recognized 2 of them as purveyors of things I dig (I already own a couple Lip Service goodies and dig AS’s tunes. The other two, are now being assimilated. I am good little robot. ;P), but it’s likely more that and, seems no small care was taken regarding the flow of the mag. If presentation is indeed, everything, I’d say this one’s a winner.

    Now, why’s this issue #2 not in my obsessive little hands?

  3. Greg the Bunny Says:

    I visited the sites and bookmarked most of them. Lip Service and Plastik Wrap will definitely be getting some of my business as I begin to buy outfits for models to pose in.

    Love this magazine. Make more!

  4. Tanya Says:

    I liked how well the advertisements blended with the rest of the magazine. It worked conceptually and aesthetically.

    I’m a long time BPAL customer. Loved seeing a big ad from them in the magazine :) In fact, it reminded me that I need to stock up on a few of their limited edition vials again. My favorite scent of theirs is Miskatonic University – it smells like Irish coffee, and settles into a scent recalling a dusty library (in a good way) after wearing for a while.

  5. Al Embic Says:

    Now a huge fan of BPAL. If only other pubs could mesh so well with cool sponsors. Can’t wait to subscribe.

  6. Jessica Says:

    Jerem: Well said! I couldn’t agree more.

    Nadya: Oooh la la, that Duchess de Sade Victorian Mourning jacket is YUMMY! Damn, THAT’s what I need to wear for my Bizarre mag shoot next week…!?!

  7. Laura Gardner Says:

    I just have to say, i loved issue 01 and felt that the advertising included was very much in keeping with the magazine. I am so glad that it was sucessful and that there will be an issue 02. The adverts included fit in so well with the themes, they were all beautiful too.

    Keep doing what you’re doing :)

  8. Esotericstyle Says:

    As I’ve already emailed Zoetica, I have to repeat that the first issue was extremely well done. I’ve ordered several paychecks worth of clothing from Plastik Wrap, and I’ve been pleased with pretty much everything. I’ve been slowly checking out the rest of the advertisers, and I’m fairly excited about it.

  9. christiane Says:

    I just got my copy of issue 1 actually and was quite impressed with the advertising, it didnt stand out as blatant adverts and all blended quite nicely with the articles. I need to check out those perfumes in particular! Looking forward to issue 2!

  10. Catherine Traub Says:

    The advertisements were perfect, I felt they did not distract from the overall allure of the magazine. They make beautiful products and the advertisements themselves were beautiful as well, I liked how they teased me visually. I want to buy it all!

    Issue 02 come to me!!

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