Mask Magic Fun Time

Superhero movies are all the rage these days – masked villains and vixens saturate screens across the globe. And with Halloween just a week away, masks are especially popular. If you still haven’t figured out your costume and long for a truly outstanding disguise, allow YouTube user Zjcfhgf show you a new option. With a few ideas of her own on the subject of mask-making, she demonstrates a sophisticated technique using a basic clear mask, fake nails and lots of acrylic paint. Observe below.

Wow! Wasn’t that inspiring? Now that you have the expertise necessary to transform you into the beaming lady of your dreams, just think of the possibilities! For instance, you could be a blushing bride:

Click below for a few more enticing options!

Fashion model:

A tribute to Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, perhaps?

And now, for the big reveal as she unmasks!

Full-head Anime mask bonus!

30 Responses to “Mask Magic Fun Time”

  1. the daniel Says:

    AAAAGH – pure distilled nightmares.

  2. fortheloveofthestars Says:

    Even Carl Stargher from The Cell, *points to her icon* Would get the heebie jeebies from that.

    Reminds me of the realistic masks by the incredibly talented Eyefeather over on Deviant art:

    Except creepier.

  3. Sterlingspider Says:

    The fear place at the base of my neck tells me to scream, again and again.

    A spot deep in my belly says to keep quiet and not breathe to loudly lest it hear me.

  4. Sebastian Says:

    Nightmare fuel. For real.

  5. Kevin Says:

    I find myself strangely aroused. And perhaps mildly jealous.

  6. Zoetica Says:

    I have a confession to make: as a result of making this post I’ve been watching these mask videos all day. All. Day.

    And now, you suffer with me.

  7. Yume Ninja Says:

    i won’t be able to sleep tonight. thanks.

  8. Jerem Morrow Says:


  9. Tanya Says:

    I want to whack them with my hitting stick!!!!

  10. lumivalkoinen Says:

    i don’t understand the fear. what’s so scary? it’s adorable!!!! just a little sweaty, is all, in there. FUCKING ADORABLE.

  11. Jon Munger Says:

    What’d I ever do to you?

  12. creativename Says:

    So creepy.

  13. pinkymonsterism Says:

    that fucking scared the shit out of me

  14. Ben Morris Says:

    Instant insanity: get a small crowd of people wearing these masks, have them do nothing more than follow someone. Horror.

  15. Jani Says:

    I guess people find it bit scary because that mask has no expressions and still looks so real… And maybe because of that too, that when she “takes off” the mask you really cannot be sure that she is not wearing another mask.

    But I kind of want to try this. I only have plague doctor mask, but I will never fool anybody with that and bridal uniform…

  16. Infamous Amos Says:

    This really, really makes me want to watch Eyes Without a Face for what must be the tenth time this year.

    Way to get all up in the headspace of a person who already has very questionable interests in hot creepy plastic women.

  17. lumivalkoinen Says:


    i have no expressions either! ah ha ha :P people have called me the queen of blank. so i can’t find that scary . . . & the eyes tell me everything and anything i need to know! long live poker face! ;P

    i don’t find it real looking, at all. there’s a nice comic blandness to it. sort of . . . cartoony.

  18. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    Actually, I think the craftiness is genius if not really friggin creepy. The masks actually look like an actual human face until you get to close or realize that it hasnt moved AT ALL. And she never actually completely unmasks, the last face is still a mask, you can even see the edges.

  19. fromtherivers Says:

    @ Ben Morris: When the Aum Shinrikyo cult ran for the Japanese Parliament, the cultists used to walk the streets in groups of dozens, handing out leaflets, every single member wearing a mask of their bearded leader. I saw a picture in the book “The cult at the end of the world” and the effect is beyond creepy.

    The campaign was not a success.

  20. an9ie Says:


    Why do they all have to have such big teeth?

  21. Vivacious G Says:

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyy…but… strangely enough it’s kinda funny. I want one. And then I would walk around a busy place and see how people react. Maybe a bunch of us should get together and do it…

  22. Esoteric Style Says:

    These are so subtly off-putting, I absolutely must make one for my Halloween party this year. I think the outright horror caused by these is do to the Uncanny Valley theory, which basically states that people are inately afraid of artifical things that resemble life too closely, because when something artificial is that similar to humans, we subconciously pick up all of the miniscule mistakes.

  23. Tequila Says:

    @”Queen of Blank” You have to admit there is a zombie movie quality to this as a person slowly walks up smiling like a fool with one of these masks on. I think that’s what creeps some out more than anything. I agree it’s laughably cartoonish…provided it’s a David Lynch or Tim Burton cartoon :P

    I don’t find the masks creepy unless it’s a 40 year old man dressing up as a Japanese school girl and wearing one of them. THEN I’d be a lil uncomfortable.

    The question must be asked…what person would you make a mask of fellow CH readers?

  24. Al Embic Says:

    Snow White has a point. It’s only creepy because you project a feeling behind the manic smile. Personally I think going as a happy, well adjusted human being would be the perfect costume.

  25. Jani Says:

    Oh ok. Maybe I am alone with my feelings then. :)
    Btw. If you don’t mind me asking, are you originally from Finland or do you just seem to be finnish?

  26. Peter S. Says:

    First thought:

    Second thought:
    “Let’s see…I’d need more paint, a mask . . . I could get nails from . . .”

  27. lumivalkoinen Says:

    @jani – you’re not alone in your feelings! apparently i am alone in my feelings! :) and no, i am not finnish. it was a name that came to be when i was 16 years old and dressed as the snow queen for halloween and showed pics to finnish friends. i liked lumivalkoinen more than lumikuningatar, so it’s been my name ever since – 10 years now!

    @tequila – of zoe of course! what more perfect face is there? haha! i’d love to freak her out that way! hahaha!! OMGz. and i’d totally sleep with a guy who has a mask on. one of those anime heads would be cute. it’s kind of funny.

  28. Embot Says:

    Why, why must you show me these things? :(
    It’s like she ripped someone else’s face off and put it over her own… this is very Hannibal Lecter-y…

  29. Zoetica Says:

    Hmm, so Lumivalkoinen wants to sleep with a man wearing a mask of me! Maybe I should be concerned, but… I’ll add that to the list of things that rule, thank you very much.

  30. Tequila Says:

    @lumi…Haha that scenario sounds like something out of an early Brian De Palma film. Start working on your mask! It’s too wonderfully surreal not to do. All that’s missing is one of those trippy soundtracks Dario Argento likes to use and dear god…the hilarity.

    @Zo…Well if you ever need a theme for a photoshoot or painting there ya go :P…or is it sleep with a man wearing a mask of an anime character while wearing a mask of you? or is she wearing a mask of you while the man wears a mask of her? or is it in reality two men with masks of each of you? Okay I think I crossed into the land where David Lynch and David Cronenberg like to play with that one…