Mother of London Brings Out Ward’s Sensitive Side

Photographer Chad Michael Ward is known for his visceral photos of haunted hospitals, evil girls with eyepatches and scary priests. Yet somehow, whenever he photographs Mother of London clothing, a completely different side of Chad emerges. All his Mother of London images are delicate and nostalgic, reminiscent in a way of of Paulo Roversi. Ward’s ethereal fashion sensibilities emerged strongly in his first Mother of London collaboration, a portrait of Chinagirl Lily, and appear again in this recent set with the stunning Bad Charlotte.

And yeah, the legendary neck corset in the picture above has made its rounds. I, for one, am never tired of seeing it! That piece manages to look like a completely different garment through every photographer’s lens. Here was my take on it, and here is Allan Amato’s. But this new shoot is not just about the older clothing; there is also a brand-new dress – revealed for the first time on Coilhouse! Behold – and beware of boobies after the jump.

18 Responses to “Mother of London Brings Out Ward’s Sensitive Side”

  1. Jordan Says:

    amazing! i can’t wait for the site launch.

  2. Alice Says:

    Haha, “beware” of boobies? I will do no such thing!

    I can’t help but be reminded of my favorite Frida Kahlo painting when I see this new dress!:

  3. Vivacious G Says:

    Oh those look beautiful!

  4. Mer Says:

    These are so very, very stunning. Milly Von Hilly 4 Prez.

    And definitely some of the most sensitive, subtle work by Ward I’ve ever seen.

  5. Saryn Says:

    Wow – love the shots!!! I’m a fan of Chad’s, Mother of London AND have worked with Charlotte, who is a dream to work with… I find this set exquisite!

    Congrats to all involved…



  6. Irene Kaoru Says:

    Oh, pardon me. I was just licking my screen.

  7. Jerem Morrow Says:

    I can has new wardrobe..and pretties, yes? Please and thank you.

  8. Hell Says:

    Here is another image that Chad Michael Ward did with one of Mother of London’s creations.

  9. Tequila Says:

    What’s really beautiful about these shots is Chad’s attention to the fabrics and materials involved. One sees and feels the textures they’re made from. Great designs as always though…love the placement of the straps and bits around the neck. How far does it go down? Does it cover the legs?

    “…some of the most sensitive, subtle work by Ward I’ve ever seen…”

    You can see hints of it in the stuff he’s been messing about with over the last few years but yeah, first time it’s been so full on. Now I’m conflicted as to what I like more…hope he explores this style at length.

  10. Jon Munger Says:

    Why oh why must men’s fashion lag so far behind? And yes, I know, girls are the pretties, and everyone likes playing dress up, but trying to find something with the same level of elegance, arrogance, and buckles for boy-shapes?

    I guess I’ll just have to make my own.

  11. Jerem Morrow Says:

    @Jon Munger

    “I guess I’ll just have to make my own.”

    That’s the ticket.

  12. Tanya Says:

    Gorgeous stuffs!!!

  13. Mil (not signed in) Says:

    Thanks, folks!

    @ Jon: Men’s bits forthcoming – doing a massive shoot either later this month or early next, and it’ll be 85% mens gear.

    I actually prefer doing clothing for men, but since I make part of my living as a stylist I need to have more women’s things on hand.

  14. Terra Trouvé Says:

    gorgeous work. Chad Michael Ward strikes again, and we’re so happy he did.

  15. Io Says:

    Yeah, these give me multiple eyegasms. You’ve got to love the homage to early 20th Century photography….

  16. Emily Says:

    Mmmmm…. Fashion orgasm. These need to be sold as prints.

  17. Belle Says:


  18. Alanna Says:

    That GLOVE! Yumyumyum.