Scream Awards Undercover

The Scream Awards are Spike TV’s answer to the ho-hum award ceremonies that take over televisions several times a year. Scream focuses on sci-fi, fantasy and horror, with an amusing array of categories, like “Most Memorable Mutilation”. Despite such enticing details, I feared Hollywood asshattery and hesitated to accept the invitation, kindly offered to me by my workplace. Fortunately, I came to my senses quickly, bought a questionable dress, and went for the hell of it.

At first, my friends and I were overwhelmed by a rapid onslaught of attendees in Halloween costumes and alt-fashion refuse. They crowded around the end of the crimson rug, anticipating fresh celebrity blood. Fleeing our re-surfacing cynicism, we rushed into the Greek Theater where the real show was about to commence.

Inside, Very Important PAs herded new guests to their seats while beer and wine were passed around. There was a sullen Backstreet Boy in a row next to ours, unamused by the neon dragon and flaming torches on stage. Soon, the fun began. And I do mean fun – as much as I wanted to turn up my nose at the event put on by “bro TV”, I just couldn’t help but feel this was a special night. The stage spat fire, the beer was free and, suddenly, even the Backstreet Boy seemed to be having a good time. Though it’s redundant to call an awards show “star-studded”, it is of note here. As this LA Times article points out, for genres long-treading the line between fringe and mainstream, this year’s Scream awards were a culmination, a triumph, an arrival at last.

The Scream Awards presented a pop-culture environment where filmmakers like Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan shared the same stage as comic-book writers such as Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy who said that in the old days Hollywood would strip-mine comics and scoff at the creators. Now, they walk on the same red carpet…

I won’t spoil the show for those intending to watch it tonight on Spike, but one moment must be mentioned: Tim Burton’s balloon landing. Several balloons to be exact, strapped to a striped box with Burton’s name written across its base in the Nightmare Before Christmas font. This video clip’s caption admits this was a “precarious” happening and while that’s true, it was also very, very slow. The entire descent took several hair-raising minutes, in which the danger of being vomited on from above seemed all too real. The audience expressed concern between yelps and toasts, but our fear was unfounded. Landing went about as smoothly as expected and Winona Ryder greeted the slightly ruffled director onstage with open arms. As much as I’d like to delve further into the rest of this spectacular night, I’ll resist – you’re better off seeing it for yourselves.

After 2 hours of sitting on theater bleachers we were ready to afterparty, hard. The post-show festivities took place at the beautiful Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood. Dancers dressed as absinthe fairies frolicked in the courtyard and absinthe was indeed served. There was an array of yummy treats for starving guests – everything from mini burgers and fries to pizza and chocolate. After satiating our hunger and acquiring libations, we danced and drunk-texted the night away in true Hollywood fashion. If any moral is to be taken from all this, it’s “Comics have arrived”, “Fun is where the free beer is” and “If at all possible, don’t mix the free beer with absinthe”. Sorry, mom.

The 2008 Scream Awards will air in full tonight at 9pm on Spike TV.

10 Responses to “Scream Awards Undercover”

  1. natalya Says:

    Oh my! That descent & the simultaneous performance was courtesy of Flam Chen – a fire/circus troupe from Tucson that I work with. Did they have an aerialist perform on the balloons perchance?

    How funny to read it about it here – I was just talking to somebody who was on the balloon safety crew this evening.

  2. Alice Says:

    The whole balloon-landing gives me a very new, and pretty enjoyable, perspective on Tim Burton…

    The whole ordeal looks like it was massively fun! It also looks kind of like there’s a really poorly-though-out roller coaster encircling the stage…hmmm…

  3. Zoetica Says:

    Natalya, thanks for that link! They might have mentioned the name of the troupe during the show but I’d forgotten it completely. They did lovely work – excellent eye candy, for sure. There was no balloon aerialist, but there was one present, yes!

    Alice, it was a great time, yes. The roller coaster is actually the neon dragon’s body. There was a huge steel head off to the left that you can’t see in my brilliant phone photo.

  4. Jack Says:

    Why don’t I travel everywhere by gothed-out hot air balloon? Why am I not accompanied by a perpetual Danny Elfman-penned soundtrack? Why am I not greeted everywhere I go by women in fanciful costumes twirling fiery…thingies…to say nothing of being greeted with open arms by Winona Ryder?

    Man, Tim Burton is living the life.

  5. Lenora Says:

    I had seen the pictures on a friend’s site as she went too and I noticed the picture of you….so I knew something was going to come from you sooner or later. I’m so glad you went and had a great time. I’m curious however, was the absinthe the brand from Marilyn Manson? I did notice he was at the show as well and has made it a big deal as far as the drink goes. I look forward to watching it tonight. About your dress from afar it looks like spiderweb inset on the chest area…but I’m positive I’m wrong…i like the color.

    and yes beer and absinthe never mix lol its not even a healthy combination hehe….must hydrate liver…. ;)

  6. Zoetica Says:

    Jack, I’m afraid you’d have to actually be Tim Burton to rock the spook style like that.

    Lenora, what’s your friend’s site? That dress is gathered satin and the top is fuchsia with a lace overlay – no spiderwebs for me!
    Re:Mansinthe – I actually don’t know. Considering Marilyn presented awards at the show and lives at the Roosevelt, I think that’s a fair assumption. It wasn’t half bad!

  7. Kambriel Says:

    Pure unadulterated adoration! I’m glad you were there and able to capture it for us (and make sure we tune in to watch the recorded festivities tonight!).

    I’ve wanted to arrive to certain events in the past by hot air balloon as well ~ something I love about Tim Burton is he actually had the means to Make It Happen.

  8. Zoetica Says:

    Wee! Happy to provide. Now if only I had cable so I could watch the show, ha. Hoping someone will TiVo it.

    And yes, we could all use a personal hot air balloon, this can’t be argued!

  9. Ragdoll Says:

    If you attend next year, you can wearing a “borrowed” designer gown if you are going to be taking pics on the carpet again. Your dress was fabulous, but since you are famous now, you can be dressed to promote in real celebrity style.
    I can think of one that would love to hook you up!

  10. Zoetica Says:

    Haha aw, thank you!!!