Wade Through Mermaid Tears With Wode

Wode, the revolutionary art fragrance from Boudicca explores further the myth around Queen Boudicca [or Boadicea]. Legend has it she and her tribe wore a cobalt blue paint on their skin that gave them a ferocious and mythical look when advancing into battle. When finally defeated by the Romans Queen Boadicea killed herself by swallowing hemlock, an extract of which is included in Wode. When Wode is sprayed a vibrant cobalt mist appears and settles on the skin and clothing. Whether touched or not the ‘Wode Paint’ begins to fade and disappears completely leaving the scent behind.

That’s the official story. However, after watching the painfully seductive concept video below, my imagination went entirely elsewhere.

Perhaps half-dreaming before my daily dose of caffeine, I was whisked away to another time, where countless mermaids were enslaved and sacrificed for a wicked queen. Something of a Countess Bathory, she soaked in their cobalt tears to gain a mystical quality that made her irresistible in every way. With each bath, her skin would glow an opalescent blue, her voice would hypnotize and her eyes would leave you breathless. Alas, the magical effects of the tear potion were short lived and the slaughtering of mermaids went on until none remained on Earth.

There was another, Hentai-friendly scenario, best left to your own imaginations. Now I will have my coffee and try to make peace with spending $200 on this beguiling squid spray.

If you’re in the UK, Wode can be acquired here, otherwise consult the stocklist for a purveyor near you.

11 Responses to “Wade Through Mermaid Tears With Wode”

  1. Nemo Bion Says:

    if only I was a woman……………..
    Lovely story about mermaids. I’ll be thinking of a beautiful cobalt blue goddess for the rest of the day.

  2. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Wins on concept alone. Whatever it smells like, be damned.

  3. What's in a name anyways? Says:

    This is why Coilhouse is my home page. There’s always something interesting popping up. I liked how they refer to the model as a mannequin. Blogalicous.

  4. noire Says:

    how amusing. the actual preparation and extraction of dye from woad plants is such a hellaciously stinky business that traditional woad-dying families were obliged to intermarry, in england at least, for several centuries. nobody from the outside could stand the smell of them. marketing-1, history-0, i suppose.

    nice visual, though. very dame darcy.

  5. Zoetica Says:

    Here is what the Wode website has to say about the fragrance itself:

    “The fragrance opens with herbal spicy notes of juniper berry, cardamon, nutmeg absolute, clary sage, coriander seed and angelica root. A touch if fresh hespiridic and lighter floral notes and airiness. Through rare elements like black hemlock extract and the smell o raw opium you will enter and olfactive space where saffron, tuberose absolute, tonka bean, styrax resin, and treemoss slowly unfold round a musky leather heart.”

    Sounds intriguing!

  6. Princess Poochie Says:

    Well, that pretty freakin’ cool.

    Now I need to buy some. Damn!


  7. ipsum Says:

    I watched the video on your blog before I read this: I thought it was something you consume and caused you to SWEAT BLUE! I was thinking that cannot be fucking healthy!

    I am much more at ease now. Cool product.

  8. Alice Says:

    I dunno, my mind skipped right over any mermaid-consuming queen story and went right to the hentai scenario. Oh, that blurry line between advertising and pornography!

  9. Fifa Says:

    I don’t know. Blue perfume: Exciting. A company called Boudicca: Enchanting. This ad? Just… yucky. I was going to buy it, now I’m definitely skipping it.

  10. Nadya Says:

    Disappearing ink perfume!

    You can easily cook up your own batch, mixing it with your favorite scent. Or maybe not that easily. Where does one buy thymolphthalein?

    EDIT: Oh, right. Here you go.

    Also: I like this campaign. The still image is definitely creepy in that “dead model” kind of way, but I think it really works here.

  11. Anja Flower Says:

    I’m sorry, but while that’s a neato concept and a cool video, I could never possibly spend $200 on perfume – even if I were an heiress. There’s something about it that just seems… greedy, I guess?