What’s in the ‘Mom and Pop’ Version, Anyway?

In the non-limited, non-vaggy version of Coilhouse that’s available in stores, we replaced the offending material with a mini-editorial about piercing. The shoot was a big collaboration: Mildred was the evil genius behind this shoot’s concept (from the preliminary sketches right down to crafting that fan, along with Scar’s phallic flower-skewers in the other photo), I took the photos, Melanie Manson did the makeup, Holly Jones did the hair, and Pia Kaamos was the lovely model in the image above. Alongside the images, there’s an interview with Jenn Rose, the prosthetics artist who made this gory magic happen.

We certainly wouldn’t discourage anyone from wanting to own both versions, but those of you who happen to spot Coilhouse at a store but aren’t buying, could you do us a huge favor? Move it where people can see it, so that someone new can discover it. My parents found it on the very top shelf in the somewhat messy Art section of the Deptford Barnes & Noble and moved it, snapping the picture below. Lo and behold, the next time they visited the store two days later, one copy from the stack was gone.

Just don’t put them in those stand-alone special display cases – magazines pay a lot of money to be there. Just find a nice, prominent spot for it, ideally without displacing anything good. It would help us out a lot, and hopefully bring interesting new people to this blog. Thank you!

25 Responses to “What’s in the ‘Mom and Pop’ Version, Anyway?”

  1. Chris L Says:

    It’s amazing how much your magazine sticks out on that shelf. Compared to everything else, it is literally glowing. Unless the image has been edited, in which case it’s only _slightly_ less impressive.

  2. Nadya Says:

    Chris, I’ll ‘fess up and admit that I *did* adjust the color slightly because the camera flash made the magazine look a lot more orange than it actually is in real life for some reason, but other than that, that’s how it is. Our printer put some matte UV coating on the cover that seems to make it reflect camera flash very brightly, which is why it looks like it glows. Thank you!

  3. Aillecks Says:

    I went wandering around Borders (in Australia) today to find it, but no such luck. I’ll have to lurk around a bit, perhaps.

  4. Nadya Says:

    Aillecks, it’s not in all Borders, just specific ones. Here’s the list


    But you can always ask them to order it and put it on their shelves! In fact, that’s encouraged, too. :)

  5. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Done, as soon as is possible. Hopefully I won’t forget the camera.

  6. celestyna Says:

    For some reason our B&N in Huntsville, AL didn’t make the list, but most local people here get their periodicals from BAM! anyways, so I’m crossing my fingers that i’ll see it today :)

    Ever since your editors full edition arrived on my doorstep a few months ago, it’s been a star conversation piece in my casa and I feel like an ass when I won’t let the copy out of the house, even to lend the dearest of friends.

    So glad the stands are starting out with issue 1. Good luck, ladies. It’s amazing what all you’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time.

  7. Jani Says:

    Such a shame that you don’t have theme-tune, so we could also call radios and ask them to play it.
    Vice Magazine had theme-tune (and dance) for last magazine, but those sucked, I dare you to do better for maybe vol. 10?

  8. David Forbes Says:

    Ah, so now I have to go get the other version too (damn that’s a achingly hot purty picture), as well as hassling the Asheville B&N and Borders until they start regularly carrying the thing — or else. Thus the Coilhouse protection racket begins I think it’ll go quickly here.

  9. Zoetica Says:

    Jani, now that’s an interesting thought! What would the Coilhouse theme song sound like? I bet Mer has some ideas!

  10. R. Says:

    I’m going to hit up my local B&N tonight or Saturday so I’ll definitely move it if I see it sitting behind something. Better make sure to bring my camera along.

  11. dispodip Says:

    what’s the prognosis for Canada (Toronto)?
    any chance it’ll be carried in the local Chapters/Indigo or some other bookshop?
    we haven’t any Borders or B&N (as far as I know…)

  12. Ben Morris Says:

    Dropped in at the local Barnes & Noble on the way home today. When I first got there it was hiding on the back-most (fourth) tier of the middle shelf, where no one would see it without serious hunting. I couldn’t figure out a way to get it on the front-most tier of the shelf without some involved displacement of fairly deep stacks of magazines but I placed it as prominently as I could on the second tier:

  13. Ryan G. Biv Says:

    Spotted out in the northern burbs of Chicago.

    Looking forward to 02.

  14. Mer Says:

    Ben, you’re a mensch.

    Jani, believe it or not, I’m actually working on a Coilhouse Radio Podcast theme song. Heh heh heh.

  15. Wood Says:

    I got my “with vagina” copy not long ago, and I loves it. I do not think it has reached the shelves here in the UK, sadly.

    It amuses me that the Mom and Pop version’s alternative spread is still not the sort of thing many parents would let their kids look at.

  16. Jerem Morrow Says:

    p.s. And I’m sorry I forgot to mention this before, Jenn’s Cenobitesque make-ups on LiveJournal, got me hungry some time back. Not to mention her (and her boy’s) pirate themed room! So, big nod to her presence here.

  17. cappy Says:

    “Non-vaggy” version? Hilarious! Seriously, I was expecting full hardcore pornography or something when I ordered my copy — the special article in the limited edition was so tame, I shared it with friends and family.

    (No, that’s not true, but yes, I did actually share it.)

  18. Laura Gardner Says:

    Can the ‘normal’ or ‘non vaggy’ addition be bought online?
    Is coilhouse coming to UK stores?

  19. Nadya Says:

    Laura, it is possible to get the non-vaggy version through this site, but you have to send a special note. Please email roadwarriorgret [at] gmail [dot] com when you order, and ask for that version.

    We do plan to have more UK distribution for Issue 02, but no concrete plans as of yet. Will keep you posted.

    Thank you!

  20. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    Ok, so I was about to email you about this, but since this thread is here, here we go. So I work at Barnes and Noble, and I have been waiting weeks and weeks waiting for Coilhouse to show up in our store, but it hasnt. Ive actually been wondering if it ever will, since recently the different BNs have weeded out magazines they dont think sell in their particular store, but this also means that Coilhouse hasnt even had a CHANCE in our store. Furthermore, Ive noticed from the photos that it will be listed in the Art section of newstand (magazines) and I have to say, I expected it in either Lifestyles or the section where you find Anthem, Flaunt and all of the tattoo magazines. I say this because those areas are frequented WAAAY more than art. Hardly anyone ever visits the art section, at least in our store. FURTHERmore, if Coilhouse does make an appearance in the Corona BN, I will be rearranging the section its in to bring it to the front. The thing is, if there are only 3 or less copies displayed, which for an publication still in its public infancy there only will be until it becomes a bestseller, then those 3- copies are fanned into the section. Only 3+ become actual faceouts, which bring me to the next part of getting at least 5+ copies in newsstand and getting them into a faceout, because I guarantee that Coilhouse, even the kiddie version, is more interesting than over half of the magazines already there. How do I know that nobody ever looks at them? Because we NEVER have to put them back and they are always exactly how we left them when we shelved them. I dont know if you can choose the category that your magazine goes into, but do look into it, since it may generate better sales that way! In the meantime, I must check our art section to see if Ive missed it.

  21. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Where they were:

    Where I left them:

    Bizarrely, the ART section is right under the Men’s Interest section, all the way in the dimly lit corner. Whu?

  22. rickie Says:

    i will take a picture when i do this. we live about a block away from a barnes and noble or borders…

  23. Tequila Says:

    @Jerem…yeah the Art section is the unloved step child of the magazine world in such places. In some stuff like Juxtapoz & Heavy Metal get put next to the latest issue of Maxim. Probably a good idea in the long run…the “Art” section usually means “Magazines devoted to paintings and fine art no one really likes but feels they have to.”

    Still putting a copy in the Mens Interest section would be a good idea…cause that seems to get great foot traffic.

  24. Sample Remix Says:

    hehe love the image ( damn mildred!).

    magazine looks fab! Come bring to the U.K plz :)

  25. Leslie Leigh Says:

    I’ll go to B-A-M on my lunch break and move them all around. ;) Wouldn’t that be funny if you were named “the magazine that moves itself” or something?