Limited-Edition Issue 01: Going, Going, Gone…

Just a quick courtesy announcement to let you guys know that there are only 45 copies (out of 1,000) left of the limited edition Issue 01. So for any stragglers who wanted to order Issue 01 but put it off, now is your chance. We will be selling them until midnight on Friday, after which point the magazine will not be available on the site until Issue 02. We may eventually get some of the non-limited Issue 01’s back issues in stock, but it probably won’t happen for awhile.

We actually didn’t predict that this would happen. Everyone is saying that the odds of a new magazine (or an existing one, for that matter) surviving in the current economy are very bleak, you guys, above all else, have┬ámade it possible. Thank you.

Additionally, we would like to request that any customers who ordered the magazine more than 5-10 days ago and have not yet received it to please email us this week. If you ordered it that long ago and didn’t receive it, there was a problem, and we want to get you sorted out! Please let us know sooner rather than later, so that we can ensure that everyone gets their copy.

Stay tuned for news on Issue 02!

UPDATE: aaaaand, they’re gone. Thank you all!

16 Responses to “Limited-Edition Issue 01: Going, Going, Gone…”

  1. Jami Says:

    I just wrote up a love-letter slash article begging people to buy the rest of your issues on You’ll probably be getting a ton of pingbacks from my post.

  2. Mer Says:

    Jami, you sweetheart! Thank you so much!

  3. Jerem Morrow Says:


  4. Frances_L Says:

    Hi hi! I was at Isotope in SF not too long ago and picked up your magazine there. I was really impressed with the photography, design (perfection!) and articles. I look forward to the second edition! :)

  5. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    Glad I got my copy at the launch party, its something special to have the very first (let alone limited edition) issue of a magazine and having received it at the celebration of its release. I feel very special to have been a part of that. Cant wait for issue 2!

    And actually, I went and saw my beau that night after I returned home, and hung out with some of his friends. They became really interested when I showed them the magazine, especially the part about transgender surgery. No other magazine is willing to be so blunt about such a topic, so it was something that actually caught the interest of a bunch of strictly heterosexual metalheads. Bravo!

  6. Greg The Bunny Says:

    I subscribe to Juxtapoz and Hi Fructose. I want to subscribe to Coilhouse. I know that day will come. Love you guys. I hope for riches and fame for all of you.

  7. Ben Morris Says:

    When I was at the local Barnes and Noble a week or so ago they were down to one copy. Today I happy to see it absent. Congratulations on selling out in Marietta, Georgia!

  8. kReEsTaL Says:

    Ok, thanks for the tip. I almost forgot I still had to pick one copy. That’s now done! Bring the Coilhouse to France, girlz.

  9. lucylle Says:

    Well, finally got tired to wait for other Italians to do a mass order and plonked the money for my copy… can’t wait! :-)

  10. Kale Kip Says:

    You ship to Europe?

  11. Lady Julianne le Fay Says:

    Hey, are there still copies left? Midnight on Friday has been and gone but the paypal link still works. I don’t want to be sending my money and details into a black hole, and if I buy the magazine I’d rather buy this version as I’m weird and find the replacement for the censored article more painful to look at /think about than the original!

  12. Nadya Says:

    Hi Julianne, there’s still a couple left, so if you get it today, you’ll get the uncensored one. I’m taking down the “buy” page tonight, though. Thanks!

  13. Carl Caputo Says:

    Got two issues delivered day before yesterday, both lovely, sleek, and treasurable! Thanks, and I look forward to news about the second issue.

  14. stuntkid Says:

    Awesome!!! I’m so proud of you guys, so exciting :D

  15. Mr. Nightshade Says:

    Got miiiiine! And it is shiny. Neener neener neener.

  16. Benjamin Thick Says:

    Daw. I feel horrible now for not picking up an issue while I had the chance. Anyone have an extra they care to part with? I’ve tried looking for the magazine around the NYC area, but none were to be found. It’s what I get for waiting around, rather than just buying it when I should have. Ah well, que sera sera.