Love on ya, Lev.


Now, I know it’s quite early in the morning and some of us are still a bit hungover and as greasily stuffed as vat-fried Turduckens, but it’s time we all gathered ’round and sang happy birthday to our darling Nadya, the magical grrrlchild who brought this entire Coilhouse venture into being by sheer force of will, prescience, and love.

Yes, you already know that she’s an engaging writer who emits a quiet sagacity one would not necessarily expect from so young and doe-eyed a dear. You’re well aware that she’s a phenomenal photographer. But just in case we’ve not made it clear to you already? Nadya Lev is the reason Coilhouse exists. Were it not for our scrumptious mastermind, none of this would be here, and Nadya is the one who continues to hold it all together like a tiny, sexy tube of superglue. So take a moment to send her some whelping-day well-wishing, won’t you? I’m sure it’ll mean more to her than my questionable decision to pelt her with obscure indie spaz rock.


21 Responses to “Love on ya, Lev.”

  1. Nadya Says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Thank you, Mer! *mwah*

    I’m currently on a laptop with broken speakers so I can’t hear the song, but the video itself is AWESOME.

    I LOVE THE PICTURE! Also, I’m honored to know that I’m worthy of the coveted “crackpot visionary” tag. Wheee!

  2. la mome neant Says:

    Happy happy birthday in a hot bath to those nice nice nights, lalala

  3. Terra Trouvé Says:

    Happy Birthday to ya! happy birthdayeeeeeeee!

  4. Filipe Russo Says:

    I found about coilhouse early this year though the conection between jhonen/zo but I’ven’t been infected by it before I’ve read Nadya’s prose. so I can say: more than a believer you made a acolyte, Nadya! THANKS and Happy Birthday.
    and I know I didn’t give you feedback but I’m compleshyx and I wrote a small tale having your work as inspiration: the ritual has fullfilled its propose. I haven’t even being able to comment here, in Coilhouse, earlier because I didn’t feel it was the right time. but it’s not that. I’m happy I did: the right time would always have been the first time, I didn’t notice before. I will try to translate the tale if you promise you will read it and use it to fill the blackwholyness that is your heart. okay, gooday!
    fuck!… I think I really have a proper present:

  5. Tequila Says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY oh mastermind of the grand Coilhouse!!! You remain a source of inspiration and heated arguments as to how much of a superhuman you really are with all you manage to do.

    Many wonderful wishes and I hope you take time to celebrate!!!

  6. David Forbes Says:

    Happy Birthday Nadya! May much revelry ensue!

    and yes, Tequila is right, the arguments are heated. My personal theory is that you possess a magnificent Saraswati-like array of arms that allows you to handle your multiplicity of tasks.

    On a side note, the picture up top made me think of the caption: “Coilhouse staff & contributors circa 2050” Hehe.

  7. Jami Says:


  8. Kambriel Says:

    Happy Birthday Nadya! Be sure to give my thanks to your parents for bringing such an incredible daughter into the world ~ and conveniently timing it so we’d all be able to share in your delights!

    Love you muchly :)

  9. Jerem Morrow Says:


  10. Ben Morris Says:

    Happy Birthday Nadya!

  11. Jessica Says:

    May you have a beautiful, magical, delicious birthday Nadya!
    Fans of the Coil salute you!

  12. Denise Says:

    happy birthday!

  13. Heather Says:

    happy birthday Nadya! hope it’s a great year for you.

    it’s my 26th birthday today (saturday). saggitarians are obviously where it’s at.

  14. gooby Says:

    Yay!! Happy Birthday lady!!! I’d send you my favorite bday pic, but I think its frightened the last person I sent it to, maybe I’ll slip it under your door when you least expect it and you’ll either be giddy at the surprise, or call the police.

    Happy Birthday!!

  15. Skerror Says:

    Uber-good birthday wishes to ya Nadya!

  16. Ed Autumn Says:

    Happy Day of Birth!! If it wasn’t for you and your secret sources of majesty I would have a big hole in my list of uber-amazing-fantastical-things-that-I-love :)

    Cheers!!! <333333333

  17. q gauti Says:

    an epic video for an epic occasion.

  18. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    I did not know it was your birthday and I feel horrible for that.
    Hopefully laughing my ass off at the video didnt counter any of that feeling awfulness..

  19. Xenia Says:

    Happy Birthday Nadya,It is such a delight to read your writings and view your photography, you are a very inspiring person, I wish you good luck with everything you wish to undertake and I know my comment is a little late, I hope you had a wonderful celebration.

  20. Ashbet Says:

    Slightly belated happy birthday, lovely!!

    — A ^_^

  21. Nadya Says:

    Guys, thank you so much for the warm birthday wishes. You are all amazing! Thank you!