(Belated) Better Than Coffee: Karaoke Hellhounds

EDITOR’S NOTE: Argh, I know, I’m really late with this one. Slept ’til noon, then had to hop on a train. Fuggit. Let’s consider it a special midnight BTC edition for folks who are working the graveyard shift or traveling/packing/wrapping for the holidays and in need a pick-me-up of the non-denominational, demonic variety, shall we?

Hellhounds are mythical demon dogs from HELL. (Say it wiff meh…  HEEEAAGGHHHHHLLLLLLL.)

Video by Brian Boyce, who also made this and lots of other brilliant crap.

Hellhounds carry themselves in an aggressive or baleful manner. They may have glowing red eyes, supernatural abilities, or even the gift of human speech. They’re associated with fire (say it wiff meh… FIIIGHHYAAAAAHHHHHH) and endowed with flaming fiery blowtorchy powers or/or appearances. Hellhounds are often designated guardians to the entrance to the world of the dead. Or, in this case, designated guardians of the filthy, dog-hair-encrusted couch you slept on all night after passing out in a puddle of regurgitated egg nog.

(Oh, wait, sorry, that was me. I’d better go wash my hair now.)

EDITOR’S NOTE PART DEUX, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: Hmm. Just noticed that Better Than Coffee is a bit poochobsessed lately. Apologies to all (especially Warren, who loathes dogs even more than I loathe Anne Geddes photos). Just to make sure I get it all out of my system, I’m including twenty-five clips of dogs eating peanut butter after the jump.

You’re welcome.


(Rachel B, this post is ALL YOUR FAULT.)

10 Responses to “(Belated) Better Than Coffee: Karaoke Hellhounds”

  1. David Forbes Says:

    Goddamn Mer, you’re fucking brilliant.

  2. Mer Says:


  3. Zoetica Says:

    I have reached a true moment of zen [or maybe just plummeted to the ultimate depths of madness] by playing all of them at once. Just now. Help mee.

  4. copyranter Says:

    Jesus Criminy Mer, you are…something.

  5. Tanya Says:

    MER: – YES! Thank you. This… this is better than watching that Don Piano cat over and over (well, almost better). I am happy. I’m going to show this to our house’s dog, Finnegan. I think he’ll love it. Although, I must ask – how can there be ANYTHING more revolting than Anne Geddes’ photos????

    ZO: You are messing with some powerful forces there, girl.

  6. Skerror Says:

    Aaah! What did you just do to us with all those dogs? I started watching and the room started spinning…

    Maybe Thomas Kinkade paintings are more revolting, but only because of their suggestive powers. One can only guess at the depths of Geddesian depravity occurring in those idyllic lil’ cottages…

  7. Peter S. Says:

    I’m snowed in. We’ve had a week of weather unseen in these parts since 1968. And I am toasty warm from the glow of these clips.

  8. bleen Says:

    holy crap, skerror is here??

    thanks for that, mer. i’m going to feed my dog PB in the AM. and film it.

    just because.

  9. Tequila Says:

    After the convulsions subsided and my vision returned I realized if THIS is what Mer does to those she loves and likes…what ungodly horrors must she be capable of to those her earn her hate & wrath?

    @Tanya…”…can there be ANYTHING more revolting than Anne Geddes’ photos???…”

    Yes. A house decorated in nothing but said images and Thomas Kinkade images and prints…oh and Hummel figurines. A whole army of them no matter where you turn. All of this tied together with wallpaper so hideous it makes your eyes start twitching. This house of horrors exists my friend…and it’s filled with cats.

    I still have nightmares of it.


    Someone hold me :(

  10. elise wilson Says:

    The best part of reading this post was clicking on all the hyperlinks. The “Summer of Sam” dog juxtaposed with the cute singing doggies in the “gift of human speech” bit was priceless! It was so convincing how that one pooch said “I want my mama” at the end of the first clip. They saved the best for last. Although I’m a cat person, these peanut-butter-eating doggies definitely brightened my day!