Benedict Campbell’s Perfect Future

Sometimes, when you’ve had a really long, hard day, all you need is a certain type of image to relax you. Images that take you to your Happy Place. For some people it’s kittens, for some people it’s pr0n, for others still they’re abstract patterns. For me, it’s stuff like the work of Benedict Cambpell, a UK-based photographer whose sleek digital masterpieces make my mind go blank – the best way possible. There’s a lot of Sorayama in them, some Chris Cunningham, some Ridley Scott, and some really fun ’60s and ’70s style. Campbell’s a master technician both behind the lens and in front of the monitor; he can take a clean, textured, razor-sharp photo, then turn around and pull off a hyperdetailed, realistic-looking digital scene. When he combines the two talents, the results are unbelievable. Some of my favorite images (including 1 hot, NSWF number) after the jump.

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I’m in Phoenix, Arizona tomorrow, just for one night. I have no idea what to do there. Coilhouse readers in the area – drop me a line!

8 Responses to “Benedict Campbell’s Perfect Future”

  1. Nemo Bion Says:

    Beautifully Refreshing

  2. Zoetica Says:

    Mmm cleaaan.

  3. sascha Says:

    I’m speechless. Pure beauty.

  4. Fifa Says:

    Very very nice. Is the second last a self-portrait?

  5. Nadya Says:

    Fifa, I’m not sure. If it is then… heyy!

    Tons more work on his site, btw.

  6. What's in a name anyways? Says:


  7. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Prefer his bare bones portraits, but I’d damn well give those uber hi-ways a go!

  8. m1k3y Says:

    thank you.. that’s some amazing work