Ghostride the Whip Shoes


Laughter, careful consideration, disbelief and finally reluctant desire are the steps my brain took in reaction to these unique Bed Shoes. Endowed with whips at the tips, they would make a great addition to The Pervert’s Guide to Etsy! Custom handmade by the talented Isabelle Chiariotti a.k.a. Etsy seller Isakaos, these bad puppies are good for one thing only, and that ain’t walking.

Unlike the majority of fetish footwear out there, the heel itself isn’t that high. I assume this is to lower the already-lofty risk of the brave owner’s collapse. I suggest pretending you’ve got a pair on your feet right now, and all the ways you could make use of them. For extra fun, imagine you are trying to actually walk in them and all the elegant ways you’d smash your face as a result.

Seriously, though – if anyone here buys these and learns to walk, dance or [especially] do gymnastics in them, we want video. And a dark part of me still wants a pair.

11 Responses to “Ghostride the Whip Shoes”

  1. annie Says:

    these are too too aesthetically delicious. some serious business, too. face full of road rash ahoy!

  2. jesse Says:

    one could always… MOONWALK!

  3. Zoetica Says:

    I want to see someone moonwalking in these! In my mind’s eye I see it now.

  4. Joelle Says:

    I want them too. Need them.

    They’d be great for a shoot!

  5. Ben Morris Says:

    When the coilhouse twitter announced this post the title gave me an entirely different idea about what this post was about. I must admit that the actual post is much cooler than the post my imagination conjured.

  6. Tequila Says:

    I know a trio of women who could do some wonderfully fun stuff with those…thanks Zo for making the holiday season wonderfully kinky!

    I’ll try to take a video ;)

  7. Lolla Says:

    moonwalking would actually be probably pretty easy in them zoe…just hop along. ;)

    I wish they had a bit nicer upper, since I am not that into strappy sandal thingies….

  8. Cyra Says:

    Zoetica, I could see YOU moonwalking in these. :)

    Those are probably the jackpot for anyone with a foot and BDSM fetish.

  9. Beth Says:

    It’s like when they make you do those races at camp in scuba flippers, + the only kids who don’t do a faceplant are the ones who run backwards.

    You could also tie the whips up around your legs, for a I’m-wearing-thornbushes effect.

  10. Courtney Riot Says:

    These are sex. Absolutely gorgeous shoes that Zoetica must own.

  11. lizzelizzel Says:

    These are obviously meant to be worn by a sexy trapeze performer.