Issue 02 Finally Shipping; Non-Limited 01 Available

Folks, this post is to let you know that Issue 02 is finally shipping out this December 31st. We apologize for the waiting time. Per the tracking number we received from FedEx, the boxes were supposed to be with us last Friday, the day that our “Issue 02 is finally here!” post went live. However, FedEx only delivered the boxes at the end of the day today. There is no good explanation on the FedEx end other than “it was the holidays and things got delayed.” Next time, we’ll know better than to put up a magazine for sale the day after Christmas! But we finally have the boxes, and we’re shipping everyone’s order ASAP. We’ll be mailing them in the order in which they were received, and we’ll try to get through them all tomorrow. Sorry again, and thank you for patience. We promise, Issue 02 will be worth the wait.

Also, we just got a box of mint-condition Issue 01’s. Not the NSWF limited edition version version – that one is gone, gone, gone. This is the “mom and pop” version, the one that was previously only sold in stores. We are offering this version of Issue 01 for a discount to those who order it together with the new Issue 02.

If you ordered Issue 02 already, you may still be able to add Issue 01 to your order for just $9.99 if you email our Shipping Mistress, Gretta, within the next 12 hours. She will let you know whether or not your package has been shipped yet, or if it’s still possible to add the extra magazine. For those of you who haven’t ordered yet:

8 Responses to “Issue 02 Finally Shipping; Non-Limited 01 Available”

  1. Jani Says:

    It seems, that my new year hangover may have passed when magazine arrives, but that’s allright.
    I am kind of person who likes to order things and forget them after that, to be happily surprised when I get things in mail. :)
    Happy New Year to Coilhouse staff and all fellow readers!

  2. Brock McCoy Says:

    All copies of Issue 2 will be “mom and pop” right? I’m planning to “enhance” the display at B&N when they finally arrive, but I’d hate to miss anything NSFW.

  3. Nadya Says:

    Correct, Brock. Issue 02 contains just a bit of fine-art nudity, but nothing as risqué as the Neogender or Butto stuff in Issue 01. We didn’t intentionally tone it down to please anyone, but every issue has its own vibe and this is just how this one came out.

    Thanks for your efforts at B&N!

  4. Jerem Morrow Says:

    BOUGHT! And, of course, I’ll spruse up the display @ B&N as well.

  5. Jon Carpenter Says:

    Awesome, I’ve been able to make up for the lethargy/amnesia that made me forget to buy the first issue by buying both issues at once… HAR!

  6. Cyra Says:

    Are you gonna be selling Issue 02 at Borders? Because the one where I live didn’t have Issue 01…

  7. oddbill Says:

    The lovely thing arrived in my mailbox today. Thought I’d just scan the RU Serious interview, and ended up engrossed. Flipped through and am looking forward to devouring the rest tonight & tomorrow.

    Every page is beautiful – including the ads – this magazine is clearly curated with taste.

    My thumbs told me to tell you they love the rounded corners. That is high praise as my thumbs are not easily pleased.

  8. Jerem Morrow Says: