Larytta’s Living Kaleidoscope

Swiss laptop sampler pop duo Larytta call their schizotypal steez “Difficult Fun” and I couldn’t agree more. It’s smart, cheeky, surprisingly radio-ready electronica. You may find yourself simultaneously shaking your booty (with zeal) and your head (in consternation). This video for “Souvenir de Chine”, created by  Körner Union with the help of several dozen furry and feathered friends, has certainly left me feeling conflicted (“awww, those poor critters… OOOH, a living kaleidoscope!”) but I can neither stop watching, nor listening:

(Via Siege, thanks.)

12 Responses to “Larytta’s Living Kaleidoscope”

  1. Shay Says:

    Wow, this is all kinds of awesome. Thanks Mer..!

  2. ozamosi Says:

    They’re Swiss, not Swedish.

    Completely different countries: one of them is a military neutral country of insignificant size, located on some European mountain top. The other is a military neutral country of insignificant size, located on a completely different European mountain top.

  3. Mer Says:

    Hahaha! Thanks for the kind correction, Ozamosi. Fixxored.

  4. What's in a name anyways? Says:

    The male and female mallard aren’t scared like the other birds in the video. They stay in the frame the whole time. It was like they were surrounded by decoys. That’s how I feel sometimes….Creepy dogs and ducks todays letter must be D.

  5. Alice Says:

    Part of me feels like this video is referencing some sort of multi-dimensionality theory.

    Or maybe I’m just completely strung out on techno…

  6. Ben Morris Says:

    This is hypnotic. I just keep replaying it.

  7. Geek Says:

    Love <3

  8. Andy Says:

    this is just nifty, random internet jockey approves:)

  9. Nadya Says:

    Love it! I watched it right before I went to sleep last night and this had a completely magical, mesmerizing effect. I kept wondering if they were throwing birdfeed into the corner to make the birdies fly towards the “center.” I hope that all the little creatures that were in this amazing video were rewarded with lots of cheese and bread for being such stars. :)

  10. copyranter Says:

    As E sang: I Like Birds.

  11. Ruby Says:


  12. Charlotte Says:

    Weren’t the birds eating the mice?