Miss You Already, Eartha Kitt

Just a quick goodbye air kiss to glamourpuss Eartha Kitt, who passed away today at the age of 81. It’s nice to picture her sitting on some sparkling, inter-dimensional yacht this evening, having scintillating conversation over moon martinis with Harold Pinter. Bye bye, beautiful. You always were my favorite Catwoman.

Here’s Kitt’s decidedly materialistic rendition of “Santa Baby” to send us off to dreamland. Mmrrrrrowl.

6 Responses to “Miss You Already, Eartha Kitt”

  1. Ben Morris Says:

    Damnit, this Christmas has been tarnished by deaths of people I respect: Eartha’s, Pinter’s, and a family member’s.

    To Eartha I give a fond Meow!

  2. Patrick McCracken Says:

    She was always my favorite Catwoman, too. I crushed so hard on her when I was a kid. Always such a disappointment when she was defeated by that guy with all the fancy gadgets.

    Sleep well, gorgeous.

  3. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    The irony is almost painful, considering the song..
    Egad, this year has not been good for our famous and fabulous ladies..

  4. zombiemonk3y Says:

    Eartha and Betty, it’s a harsh December

  5. R. Says:

    It’s been a hard year, both for celebrated people and people close to my own heart here at home.

    Goodbye, Eartha. Her version of Santa Baby will always be my favorite and she will always be the numberone Catwoman.

  6. ehblancz Says:

    What a class act! I had the pleasure of seeing Miss Kitt in concert in October 2008. She was wonderful, hitting every note and even doing the “charleston”. I feel fortunate to have seen one of her last great shows. Join me at http://www.runarounddiva.com/Music.html and let’s celebrate the life of a remarkable woman.