Nicole Renaud, neosoprano

Photo by Umberto D’Aniello.

Nicole Renaud calls herself a “neosoprano” and it’s a fitting description. Her lovely operatic voice is coupled with a graceful, modest manner, fanciful handmade costumes, envy-making globetrotting lifestyle and a sparkling musicality. She sings a mix of original songs and operatic arias, accompanied by accordion or piano.

I first learned of her via Isengart’s Foreign Affairs cabaret party (more on him later) last Spring, where she wowed everyone in the room with her beauty and originality. I went twice. To see her perform is a captivating dream, even if she’s singing in French and you’ve got no clue what she’s saying. Second video after the jump.

8 Responses to “Nicole Renaud, neosoprano”

  1. Shien Lee Says:

    Hey Irene! I remember seeing you at Foreign Affairs for this ;)

    I went to all four of their first run at the Canal Chapter, it was brilliant! Foreign Affairs will be starting up again in January at a new location…

    Also, Isengart will be performing at Dances of Vice on January 10th!

  2. whittles Says:

    Thanks to this post I’ve been perusing her site all afternoon and slowly but surely falling in love.

  3. Alice Says:

    This woman looks absolutely stunning in all possible ways. And I’ve always thought that operatic vocals sound even better with techno backing like in the second video you posted, so I’m really excited to hear more of her music!

  4. Nadya Says:

    WOW – she’s amazing! Thank you so much for posting this, Irene. This is SO the kind of thing I would listen to. Must get more!

  5. R. Says:

    This is the kind of music the world needs more of. Seriously.

  6. Terra Trouvé Says:

    very true R., but not just more of this music. also more of a platform onto which this music is accepted.

  7. Zoetica Says:

    The second video is straight out of 5th Element! At least that’s what I was reminded of, but only in the best way, I promise. Beautiful voice.

  8. andrew Says:

    bought the album through emusic. thank you. it’s stunning.