Zo! Style Technician December 8, 2008

On Friday, agent Q and I took a trip to Huntington Library and botanical gardens. The newly-open Dibner Hall offers a permanent collection titled “Beautiful Science” that’s dedicated to some of humanity’s most significant discoveries in astronomy, natural history, medicine, and light. The exhibit features an astounding array of manuscripts and artwork. Early visual representations of the world and the body were my favorite aspects of the show. All that imagination poured onto paper, attempting to solidify what could only be imagined at the time was very inspiring. There is also an adjoining exhibit of Charles Darwin’s botanical exploits in relation to his ideas of evolution. Included are Darwin’s actual hand-written logs and sketches, along with plant samples he harvested on Galapagos Islands. The Huntington is an enormous estate, we were only able to cover about one third of the perimeter! I intend to return soon and check out the Greene & Greene exhibit. Some of my photos from the gardens, here.

And what’s to be worn for a trip such as this? December in LA is as mild as one can imagine, with occasional cool winds and sparse rain. And with the museum being rather warm inside, the natural answer was “layers”. As we made our way through paintings and gardens I gave Q a crash-course in photography and snapped some photos of him, as well. We took over a park bench for nearly an hour doing so, much to the confusion of other visitors. Admire his man-fashion skills! Check out the boots I’ve been wearing non-stop for months! My fashion mantra since dying my hair black has been “raincloud”, as illustrated by the endless shades of gray that have taken over my wardrobe. Must be the season! Without further ado, the pictures, below.

On Q

shirt – Julius
caridgan – Label Under Construction
jeans – Number Nine
scarf – Faliero Sarti
shoes – vintage

On Zo

boots – Børn
bag – Junior Drake
arm warmers – Tokyo
necklace – a gift
outfit – random layers acquired in recent months

30 Responses to “Zo! Style Technician December 8, 2008”

  1. Nadya Says:

    OMG, Quintus *SO* looks like he could be your brother, in these more than ever before! It’s eerie!

  2. Zoetica Says:

    I think we’ve always looked this related!

  3. lizzelizzel Says:

    you do both look related and he’s adorable!

  4. Vivacious G Says:

    Always a pleasure for the eyes, I’ve missed seeing these posts.

    I love visiting The Huntington.

  5. Cherry Says:

    ow. i want to put those boots on my christmas list.

  6. teddy Says:

    Love the last photo, great series.

  7. Tanya Says:

    Q-monster! Not that I didn’t appreciate him when he wore red lipstick & corsets to DISNEYLAND of all places, but I find the grey/black tones & scarves totally work for him. And I think it’s clearly the whole half-fey/half-Russky thing that’s got you both looking related.

    I’m also utterly obsessed with grey right now. I’m lusting after this Soia & Kyo coat right now:

  8. Annie Says:

    I’ve missed these posts too! Marvelous, as usual.

  9. Jami Says:

    Love this. I really love those boots, I may have to pick up a pair.

    You both look fabulous, and related.

  10. q gauti Says:

    oh snap, miss feldman. you’re unearthing some serious repressed memory shit right there. i should go upstate sometime soon, hopefully.

  11. fractal Says:

    Leggings & boots FTW!!

  12. Zoetica Says:

    Thanks, peepsies, so glad you dig! I think Quintus and I might actually *be* related in some alternate universe. My apologies for the extended break, too.

    Tanya, that coat! <3 And yes, I too remember Q of the olden days. He rocked that corset/bolero number like no other.

    Fractal, every day I realize more and more just how overrated pants are.

  13. q gauti Says:

    lordy, my peter murphy moment. lets leave some stones unturned, shall we..

  14. Brendan D. Says:

    Necklace is fab. Love the glasses, too. Funky, but really elegant in shape.

  15. Alice Says:

    Amazing outfit, as always! You remind me that monochrome dressing is never a bad idea–it’s often better to focus on texture, fabrics, layers, and subtlety.

    And, also as per usual, stunning make-ups!

  16. Jen Says:

    I love the jacket, boots and glasses. Q looks entirely too delicious in that scarf.

  17. Beth Says:

    Word to Alice’s comment about texture. It really comes out that you care in everything you do, props.

    And excuse me for being New York-centric, but every time somebody says “Huntington” I think of the place on Long Island, + my first thought was “what’s so great about their library?”

  18. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Lordy be, he’s purty.

  19. Zoetica Says:

    Alice, yess, textures. That sweater I’m wearing, for instance. I love the electric look of the stripes. Do you ever do fuchsia eye shadow? It’s fun!

    Jen, that scarf of his is killer, isn’t it!

    Beth, haven’t been to Long Island yet, but I assure you that this Huntington Library is awe-inspiring.

  20. Alice Says:

    Zoetica- I’m very, very timid with my eye-colors, as well as with extending the color as boldly as you do, which is why I pay so much attention to your make-up stylings–I should probably get around to actually practicing some day! Hopefully Christmas will result in an amped-up cosmetics supply, so maybe then!

    Re: everyone’s comments about the similarity between you and Mr. Q–I think that when I saw images of the two of you before, I just automatically took it for granted that you were related! Huh…I guess the soul-brotha-kind of relatedness is better, though!

  21. alumiere Says:

    lovely as always

    i’m especially impressed with both of your boots; i love a boy who knows how to wear a bit of a heel properly

    and i sooo agree with your comment on pants; i think the only time i wear pants anymore is when i get on the motorcycle (and then i usually have a skirt or dress in my bag to put on once i get to where i’m going) – they’re just not comfortable

  22. Angeliska Says:

    Hooray for Zo + Quintus + twigs + libraries!
    Those boots are magical- are they comfortable?
    I mistook them for these Posso spats..

  23. jude Says:

    Can’t tell you how glad i am you’ve kept doing these!

    I find myself curiously fascinated with the (what appears to be) leather arm warmers that Q is wearing in a couple of the pics. Where are they from?

  24. Jaye Says:

    I love your outfits! This might seem like a weird question, but what nail color were you wearing? I like it.

  25. Zoetica Says:

    Angeliska, those spats! Nice! The boots are actually the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned, next to my knee-high Pumas.

    Jude, Thank you! And the leather arm warmers remain a mystery, though I agree they are enchanting.

    Jaye, that would be Maybelline Express Finish. I can’t remember the shade but I swear by the quick-dry stuff!

  26. R. Says:

    You both make me want to get on one knee and propose but for now I’ll stick to saying…Damn. You both look amazing.

  27. Zoetica Says:

    Eehee hee! Thanks, R!

  28. kristy Says:

    what brand are your glasses frames?

  29. Royalmilktea Says:

    Quintus.. in.. jeans?! O.o *Boggle* But who doesn’t adore his man-fashion! What deliciously subdued layers you both have on.

  30. arkityp Says:

    i haven’t seen quintus’ face in 8-9 years. :o