Crabapple Takes Los Angeles

Last week I had the dubious pleasure of hosting miss Molly Crabapple for a few days. She’s been gone just 48 hours, yet already I am longing for her presence every time I smell vodka or find long raven locks in my tub [which I am definitely not saving to braid into a tiny Molly-shaped doll]. This young lady gets mention around here with some regularity, and she deserves every bit of it. Founder of Doctor Sketchy’s Anti Art School, illustrator, columnist, and comic book artist, this NYC beauty has the world at her fingertips.

Seizing the rare opportunity of her presence, we attempted a video interview over cocktails. Watch the very, very informal results below – Molly talks about an upcoming European tour, working large-scale and a brand new comic book, Scarlett Takes Manhattan. Please forgive the awkward editing – I’m trying to spare you screeching and inappropriate touching.

Journalism uber alles! Click the jump for other fantastical drawings by Molly, including Marie Claire – one of the beautiful Rococo paper dolls she created for Coilhouse Magazine. The other doll is Monsieur Pierre – her fetching young suitor. Want to see him and their spectacular outfits? You’ll have to get your issue of Coilhouse 2! More can be found on Molly’s website,

25 Responses to “Crabapple Takes Los Angeles”

  1. Gala Says:

    Awwwwwww. This whole post makes me go a big rubbery one!
    (I don’t really know what that means but it is the best saying ever so I just had to pitch in.)
    Whatever. You two are super-cute. Squish! Squish!

  2. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Mirth! Entertainment! Hotties!

    Once I’m up in Asheville (NC), I’ll definitely be up for spawning another Sketchy’s. It’ll have to wait til then, unless someone beats me to it.

    *nudges the Forbes*

  3. Annie Says:

    I… wait… what? That was a lovely interview and, as always, those are marvelous illustrations by Molly, but I was immediately distracted by what followed the interview.

    The ONLY related video (one of those little thumbnails that pop up at the end of the embedded vid) is two solid minutes of one of my classmates dancing. Whut.

    That is all.

  4. kc Says:

    I’ve only just learned about Ms. Crabapple (I keep wanting to say it like they do on the Simpsons, even though it’s so very wrong..) and all I can say is – fabulous. She deserves the attention.

  5. Anja Flower Says:

    That video is very much not how I expected you ladies to sound. Hm. :3

  6. Alice Says:

    I would not be at all upset if the rest of Coilhouse’s entries were adorable video interviews.

  7. Zoetica Says:

    Gala, I’m just imagining you with a hot pink toy erection now. Thanks!

    Jerem, I think you’d make a great Sketchy’s host. I’m thinking a ringmaster outfit of some kind would suit you for the occasion!

    Annie, that’s both bizarre and awesome.

    Kc, she most certainly does!

    Anja,yesss! Z&M, shattering internet persona illusions, one improbable quality at a time!

    Alice! Sweet baby Einstein! W…what would that even look and sound like? The mind boggles and the soul shivers.

  8. Tequila Says:

    Crabapple Takes Los Angeles…and the world it would seem! Fine by me as I can think of no better dictator to fawn over. Beyond the drool worthy artwork, hyper creative spirit, and just dead on beauty…one has to admire her organizational skills to keep this all going strong. My hats off to you Miss Crabapple! Look forward to the comic…intensely.

    As always Zo, your hard hitting journalistic style brings back the golden age of the interview. That long forgotten time when smoke filled rooms and stark lighting set the tone for serious and in depth discussion. You’ve of course updated it with a much cooler setting and a cuteness level just short of a kitten in a basket. :P

    In all truth it was quite informative and I hope you do this again with other people down the line.

    “…Please forgive the awkward editing – I’m trying to spare you screeching and inappropriate touching…”

    Show of hands of those who want to see THAT version of this interview? :D

  9. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Zo: My thoughts exxxactly.

  10. Zoetica Says:

    Kitten in a basket. Dear god.

    Mark my words, Tequila – my next interview will be held in darkness, lit by a single spotlight on the subject’s face.

    P.S. Thank you ;)

  11. Chris Lowrance Says:

    Jerem: You totally need to start an AshVegas Sketchy’s. When the Greensboro, NC (RIP) one started, I interviewed two girls who drove all the way over for it: A four hour drive. They are STARVING for Sketchy love over there.

  12. Molly Crabapple Says:

    RE: Zoetica- I like this Stalinist, Darkness at Noon take on the interview process. Who will the next victim be, and what will he be forced to confess?

    RE: Jerem

    RE: Gala- I look forward to the day you and Zoetica interview team up. Maybe at SXSWi?

  13. Erin Says:

    Totally OT, but OMG extended, live-action Zo. FINALLY!

    *fap fap fap fap fap fap fap*

  14. R. Says:

    Now I have a girl-crush on Molly. I blame you, Zo! <3 Seriously though, Molly is a fantastic artist. I so wish we had a Dr. Sketchy’s here in Williamsburg (VA not me, if I were in NYC I’d be all over it like a mouse on cheese).

  15. Dave L. Says:

    “Show of hands of those who want to see THAT version of this interview? :D”
    *raises hand* I don’t see why we must always be spared the inappropriate touching.

  16. David Forbes Says:

    Well that was fun! Journalism uber alles, indeed. I’ll have to start using that as a toast more often.

    And for contrast, yes, the next one should involve a pitch-black room and swiveling spotlight, complete with dramatic music and noir costuming. I’d keep the booze though. Makes ’em confess quicker.

    Molly Crabapple: I’ll be damned. It really is like syphilis.

    Jerem: Hmm. Well, it seems there are some definite possibilities.

  17. la mome neant Says:

    Excellent interview. Can’t wait for Molly’s Paris visit. I’m allready attending the Dr Sketchy’s in Paris on friday night, held by Miss Sorel Smith.

  18. Jerem Morrow Says:

    David, the Forbes: Per Miss Crabapple (scan up), Asheville already has a chapter! Let’s make plans.

  19. David Forbes Says:

    Jerem: I saw. Hence why I compared it to the Syph. Always where you least expect it. We’ll make plans.

  20. copyranter Says:

    I’ve been following The Crabapple for years (said with typical asshole NYC attitude).

  21. Molly Crabapple Says:

    RE: Copyranter

    And I have been following you for years. Someday we should have tea

  22. tymcode Says:

    That was splendid, thank you. If you start making this a habit (which I strongly encourage) let me know if you have any video editing questions.

    In case anyone was looking for the election illustration she mentioned:

  23. Shay Says:

    Aww, youz are so so sweet!

    Last time I had to do a series of interviews for potential flatmates I did it with a bottle of Bushmills and two chaser glasses. I think this represents progress.

  24. Tequila Says:

    @Molly…Tea? I figured real New Yorkers only drank the tears of lost tourists.

  25. A.P. Stilwell Says:

    Oh the vanity!