Mark Gormley is Love.

Bricey, bless you. I don’t know where you discovered Mark Gormley, but he’s going to make our more adventurous readers extremely happy. The rest of you may want to stick with Panties With a Dick Hole and My Chemical Bromide or whatever else the kids are listening to nowadays, but for my money, none of that slick, overproduced teenybopper fare can compete with an honest, well-crafted song, a soulful voice, and cable access video stylings featuring a beautiful (if mildly befuddled) bikini model. Mark Gormley sends me over the moon:

Props to the Eccentric Phil Thomas Katt for giving Gormley this platform on his fine show, The Uncharted Zone. “The Most Important Music Television Show Along the Gulf Coast.” Hey, man, you’ve got my vote.

Click below for more Mark Gormley/Phil Thomas Katt productions.

22 Responses to “Mark Gormley is Love.”

  1. Baditude Says:

    Scintillating. Positively life-affirming. One of those rare productions where the special effects are there to aid the STORY, not just superficial eye-candy.

    Did Spencer Pratt direct these videos?


  2. Skerror Says:


    That was like falling into a “Tim and Eric” K-Hole…

  3. Erin Says:

    This made me happy in the pants.

  4. Jamie Says:

    Oh man… hilarious but also cute and happy. You ladies and gents should interview him for Coilhouse issue 3!

  5. R. Says:

    I believe this made my toothache go away. Okay, maybe not, but it was nice.

  6. OGD Says:

    Air guitar!

  7. Jon Munger Says:

    This is the best reason I can think of for owning a TV. The sheer Gormley-tastic flexations of his Gormlific Gormley-tude are just, well…really neat.

  8. Tequila Says:

    I see visions of singing this loudly and proudly while intoxicated…

    Still you would think hiring a bikini model for a video by what looks to be a lake would have her…you know…in a bikini. Leave it to the genius of Mark Gormley to go against that.

    I can’t wait for his North American tour…or at least gulf coast sea food restaurant open mic nights.

  9. Mer Says:

    Mark Gormley is too classy for that, Tequila. He wants us to love bikini lady for her beautiful smile as well as her bodacious curves.

    I love that this discovery comes close on the heels of the spontaneous RUSH music marathon I indulged in yesterday. The synths and Mark’s voice remind me of them a lot. :)

  10. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Heart-rock on, chap!

  11. James Says:

    this guy is great, but the public access, godfather of hometaping is a man named R Stevie Moore who has been releasing albums independently since the 60s and he’s still going. Search for R Stevie Moore on youtube. You won’t be disappointed.

  12. What's in a name anyways? Says:

    Smart people say stupid @#&* half the time. Stupid people say stupid @#&* most of the time, I think this guy is smart. Thank you ladies (period).

  13. fortheloveofthestars Says:

    PLEASE tell me this is genuine. I’ve been burned too many times before.

  14. Michel Vuijlsteke Says:

    If anyone knows more about Mark Gormley (and can back it up with reliable sources): his Wikipedia article ( could use some help!

  15. rickie Says:

    i feel a little dirty…and confused.

  16. David Forbes Says:

    After extensive research, I have decided that there are Stages of Mark Gormley, much like the Kübler-Ross model.

    In the first stage, I found the songs stuck in my head. I tried to shrug them off.

    Then, damning Florida, I attempted to wash it out of my brain with heavy doses of Leonard Cohen.

    Finally, I admitted that there was an earnest poignance here that I could respect and uh, even like. Dammit Mer!

  17. K-Co Says:

    Wow. There are no words for my wonder. Thank you, Coilhouse.

  18. soth02 Says:

    he’s only singing for real in the 2nd video. The rest are lip synchs off his 70s recordinds

  19. Mer Says:

  20. Mer Says:

  21. bryan Says:

    I’m so happy that the phenomenon that is Mark Gormley has been spread to the rest of the world. I spent a couple years living in Pensacola and always knew UZ as the worst music with the worst videos. Phil Thomas Katt once fake killed himself to come back to life and play a show at a skating rink in the 80’s, The show is all locals, but the local scene in his eyes is mostly at seville or new york nicks. Not the best place for local music in Pensacola by far.

    My friend Chris and his roommate made it a habit to watch UZ every week for their amazing video stylings, and one night they debuted ‘Little Wings’. He called the KATT-LINE a bunch of times, sent out emails, and eventually PTK responded with putting Little Wings on the internet.

    i think he sells the ‘models’ in videos as an extra charge, but butterflies are free

  22. John Says:

    New Mark Gormley video will be out on January 8th!