Weekly Ad Uncoiling: Amboss Precision Scissors

Meet the Beetles! The Bee-Gees! Adam Ant! W.A.S.P.! (sorry, x4.) Any entomologists in the Coilhouse? How ’bout Cosmetologists? Prints ads, via Munich ad agency Saint Elmo’s, for Amboss precision scissors. Showing an asymmetrical, Christian Siriano-like haircut on the wig of a bug is certainly a new visualization of the concept of precision. But, wigs on bugs? Putting aside the coolness/creepiness of this look for a sec, is this sell believable? I guess this is a trade campaign targeting pro stylists. Some of the Amboss shears have three finger holes, which maybe allows one to cut hair with more exactitude, I’m assuming. But, simply claiming the “precision” advantage so phantasmagorically may be enough to get a discerning (and offbeat) beautician to change brands. I love the imagery, doubt the selling power. But the last word is yours—what do you think? Two more hipster arthropod below (images via adsoftheworld).

6 Responses to “Weekly Ad Uncoiling: Amboss Precision Scissors”

  1. Jon Munger Says:

    Get a haircut, you goddamn hippy insect people. I tell ya, Phillis, this neighborhood has gone to crap ever since the Locusts moved in. I don’t care if they can hear me, Phillis, I’m a proud Mammal-American and my people built this–oh you want to invite the Locusts over for dinner? Didn’t you read the bible, Phillis?

  2. Mer Says:


    (I love these.)

  3. Skerror Says:

    These are the most candid photos of hipsters I have ever seen. Leibovitz?

  4. Mer (the second) Says:

    Despite the fact that neither me nor my boyfriend cut our hair beyond a small trim every year or so (in the least stylish style possible ;), and I already have a good pair of hair scissors, I am tempted to get one of these, hahah, I find the ad campaign brilliant! I love bugs though.

    Actually if you use scissors a lot, the third finger hole and the little tail thingy at the bottom is a great help, not for precision but to avoid strain.

  5. Thews Says:

    I thought insects got buzz cuts.

  6. Jerem Morrow Says: