Die Sonne by Gudrun Gut and Blixa Bargeld

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And now, time for a musical interlude by Gudrun and Blixa! At some points in the video above, the two appear to be lovers, but in all honesty, they just look like fraternal twins to me. Anyway, in my mind, Blixa has only one true mate. But enjoy the video, and the beautiful, breathy electronic lullaby. [Thanks, Kelly.]

18 Responses to “Die Sonne by Gudrun Gut and Blixa Bargeld”

  1. Shay Says:

    Nice catch. I think I vaguely remember seeing this clip on MTV, back when they weren’t total shit.

  2. Tymcode Says:

    I always wanted to hear a collab between Blixa Bargeld and Chris & Cosey. I think it would sound a lot like this.

    I was thinking the same thing about his “one true mate” before I clicked on your link.

    I hate it when Blixa wears a jacket. He was wearing one an an EN show years ago, and without facial hair he looked like Bryan Ferry, adding a whole new kind of dissonance onstage.

  3. R. Says:

    Mmm…That was marvelous. Absolutely marvelous.

  4. Kale Kip Says:

    Nah, Bryan Ferry wouldn’t wear eyeliner. I think jackets make him look hot.

  5. Fifa Says:

    Hah! I was wondering how he could possibly still look that good but the video is apparently 14 year old …. And that made me sad.

    I personally dig the whole black shirt-west-tie-jacket thing. He looks amazing in the Hornbach commercials.

  6. Mer Says:

    Fifa, I just saw good sir Bargeld at a video shoot a few days ago. He still looks very handsome! Tall, dark and brooding as ever in his immaculately tailored three piece suit. (Also happily married with a newborn child, and a very healthy sense of humor that had us all rolling on the floor during his scenes.)

    Yippie ja ja Yippie Yippie Yeah.

  7. Abigail Says:

    This just made my morning!

  8. Kale Kip Says:

    I saw him a year ago in a concert as well, and he has hardly changed. This guy doesn’t seem to age. I mean, look at the Nagorny Karabach video, that is pretty recent. And it amazes me everytime again how although this guy is primarily a musician, he seems to be able to flirt with the camera in a way that most supermodels can only dream of.

    His entire being seems to to be one big fuck you to mainstream culture (except from maybe the beat in the video above), yet he never gets to look scruffy or ridiculously posing. Everything this guy does seems to make sense, even if when you describe it you know it has to be completely insane. Like the high-pitched guttural squealings he seems to press out of his face with the Neubauten, it all sounds so perfectly harmonious in its context. And the ‘Where the wild roses grow’- video with Nick Cave, where he just gets on the stage and suddenly becomes a better Kylie Minogue than Kylie Minogue. That is just physically impossible, yet he seems to pull it off all the time.

    (sorry, I’m a fanboy)

  9. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    Its really soothing, as long as I do not look at the video. The male looks almost identical to someone I know… Cue awkward. Its bizarre to see his likeness speaking German. “ich bin da, ich bin auch” I am there, I am also. Its really difficult to hear them, but with the visual cues you dont really need a translation. Im always discovering something new from all of you!

  10. Nadya Says:

    Natasha, that’s interesting! I didn’t know the words. Actually… can anyone translate?

  11. Fiona Says:

    Blixa at his most playfully flirtacious. The first time I saw this I couldn’t believe I was watching a Bad Seed. He is quite a shape shifter, isn’t he?

  12. Kale Kip Says:

    Is there an English word for Fingerspitzengefühl?

  13. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    Major LOL for Kip.
    If I can get the volume high enough, Ill see what I can translate.
    This should be fun!

  14. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    Ok, I still cannot hear his first verse no matter how HOCH I turn the volume. Basically I am just going to give you a very loosely translated synopsis because the actual word meanings do not make sense grammatically in English.
    Die Sonne means The Sun.
    Gudrun says that he, whether it be Blixa or the sun (even though Sun/Sonne is feminine in German) but that he flourishes or blossoms, and she does too.
    Then Blixa does his two lines of incomprehendable gibberish repeating part of a later line, about the finger feeling like the eye.
    ‘The beach, the sun, I also’.
    Blixa says ‘The beautiful one seems so great to me, as I am so quiet’ (and this is where it gets awkward in translation, if this is what he really is saying in German it is like) ‘and the finger feels like the eye’. I think it is supposed to mean that the fingers feel as the eye sees.
    Blixa says ‘And I am there’.
    Gudrun says’ I also’, then she repeats ‘I, you, he, she, it, to (him/her/their)itself also’, four times.
    Blixa says, ‘the sun’.

    It seems like they are comparing themselves, and everyone, to the sun, to nature, that it is so great and astonishing, they are mere humble figures.

    I wish I could hear his first lines, I looked everywhere to see if I could find the German lyrics, but no luck, and listening is my worst ability, so if anyone can actually hear him, write it down and I will translate!

  15. ... Says:

    The German term Fingerspitzengefühl is a stated ability of military commanders, to maintain with great accuracy in attention to detail an ever-changing operational and tactical situation by maintaining a mental map of the battlefield. The term literally means “finger tip feeling”, and is synonymous with the English expressions, of “keeping finger on the pulse”.


  16. Nadya Says:

    Re: Fingerspitzengefühl. Thanks for that! I was wondering. And thank you Natasha for the translation.

  17. ... Says:

    I also found that “Fingerspitzengefühl” means “tact” … Maybe that has more sense.

  18. Maitre Malterre Says:

    Moin, ich bin deutscher; – mit “Fingerspitzengefühl” ist nicht eine Vorgehensweise der US-Army gemeint (hehehe… – soviel zur Überheblichkeit Eurer Nation) – sondern:

    Now for the english user:
    Moin, I´m german; “Fingerspitzengefühl” means:
    1. This is _NOT_ a course of action by the US-Army
    2. Its a sense of carefulness/gentleness to be close together (e.g. private domain, etc. “Feinfühligkeit” :: delicacy of feeling

    Greetz from Germany