More Replicant Fashion by Degenerotika

Dontcha love it when we get it right? I love high-budget, haute-goth fashion editorials and seeing big-name designers go dark on the runway, but there’s something especially satisfying about seeing designers “of the scene” really pull off something spectacular from start to finish, from garment to finished photograph. It’s a pleasure when designers not only produce gorgeous garments, but really get involved in presenting them in a certain way. In this case, Tea Bauer, creator of Slovenian fashion label Degenerotika (previously featured here), borrows a page from Vintage Vogue to give us the wonderfully classic, textured and geometric “when-Leeloo-met-Irving-Penn” fashion image above. I love everything about it! More large-size images from this series, after the jump.

Yellow hair? Yum! Coat’s not too shabby, either. Degenerotika is definitely one to watch.

3 Responses to “More Replicant Fashion by Degenerotika”

  1. Vivacious G Says:


  2. OneOfUs Says:

    Really nice blend of textures and style!
    And the whole latexlike look on the trousers and gloves makes it even better! ;D

  3. Tanya Chica Says:

    I can’t believe how much innovation fashion has achieved after so many years. Great post by the way. :)