Rise and Fall of the Nazi Dinosaurs

When I was wee, I didn’t play with Barbies. I preferred toy soldiers, plastic dinosaurs, Briar horses, Transformers, etc. Admittedly, I related to these objects a bit differently from my guy pals. I’d still knock my toys around as enthusiastically as the little boys who lived up the street, but at playtime’s end, something shifted in my psyche. A deeply ingrained maternal instinct compelled me to soothe and calm my action figures, tucking them into snug swaddling “nests” I’d make from stockings and underoos. The walls of my room were often lined with balled-up socks that had the heads of D-Day soldiers and T-Rexes sticking out of the top. I’d sing to my podlings, “flying” them slowly through the air to help them fall asleep. My parents looked on in confusion and dismay. (But hey, at least I wasn’t finding new and interesting ways to vivisect Malibu Stacy.)

This pointless and meandering trip down memory lane is brought to you by the discovery of Alex Poutianinen’s ridiculous short film Rise and Fall of the Nazi Dinosaurs, as well as my desire to bump that potentially libelous Danzig post down as swiftly as possible. Yay, internets!

12 Responses to “Rise and Fall of the Nazi Dinosaurs”

  1. zeitzeuge Says:

    In Zermany you cannot watch it on youtube.
    Censorship! Because we could OF COURSE turn back into vicious Nazi dinosaurs again…

    Ridiculous! -.-

  2. Skerror Says:

    Hopefully you didn’t have this action figure:

    She prolly would’ve been pissed.

  3. Mer Says:

    Nope! Too old. Although that’s friggin’ rad. I want one.

  4. Shay Says:

    @zeitzeuge – I had to go through a proxy too, it’s a rights issue with the video.


  5. Infamous Amos Says:

    I don’t know why I laughed the hardest at the “fancy staircases” line, but I’m not going to overthink it. Brilliant.

    Move over Pixar.

  6. Alice Says:

    My god. I am going to share this video with EVERYONE I KNOW.

  7. guesswho9 Says:

    “Fancy staircasses” Haha. This reminds me way too much of science lessons at school.
    Also reminds me of playing way too much Time Crisis when I was younger and the wierd dreams I would have from it.
    “What’s for desert. Pineapple!” Haha loving that line.

  8. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    Nazi dinosaurs cannot be any worse than Nazi zombies.. Except they move faster and have far sharper teeth.. But theyre not undead!

  9. Ben Morris Says:

    Wow, this post and that video reminded me of something I haven’t thought about in years. When I was a kid (4th or 5th grade or so?) I made six or seven little stop motion shorts. They were mostly claymation but a couple used action figures (transformers!).

    None of them remotely approached the awesomeness of Rise and Fall of the Nazi Dinosaurs but damn do I wish I knew where those tapes have gotten to.

  10. Ben Morris Says:

    After showing Rise and Fall of the Nazi Dinosaurs to a friend he showed me this fantastic ZOMBIE ZOMBIE music video which is an homage to John Carpenter’s The Thing made with stop-motion animated GI Joes.

  11. Mer Says:

    Hmmm. That sounds familiar, Ben! ;)

  12. Ben Morris Says:

    Mer: Ha! I knew I had seen it somewhere before but couldn’t remember where.

    I should’ve known!