Bless you, O magical land of Belgium, for bestowing upon the world your gifts of fine chocolates, exquisite wheat beers, Rene Magritte, The Adventures of Tintin, and now this:

(Via Wil Wheaton, who says, “I’m not sure what the hell is going on here, but I love it.”)

More consternating Belgian Trekkie non sequiturs after the jump.

26 Responses to “ZOMG WTF ST:NG BBQ!!1!”

  1. Mer Says:


  2. Jon Munger Says:

    Does Katie West know about this? Because someone should tell her like, right now.

  3. Jaime M-F Says:

    ROLF MAO! Mer, you made my morning!

    PD: in wich episode happens “Beard on Beard”, the takes alone are ridiculous

  4. MissSpite Says:

    Those are always great, but this one made me cry laughing :


  5. Mer Says:

    Oh god. Yes. That dayjoborchestra dude is a national treasure.

  6. mildred Says:

    Mer, I love you in my pants.

  7. Nadya Says:


  8. Ornith Says:

    So the art in that first one? I think it came from this guy who calls himself Dan Lacey, aka the Painter of Pancakes. http://faithmouse.blogspot.com/

    He appears to paint exclusively naked-obama-and-his-pet unicorn and pictures of people with pancakes on their heads. And I guess normal portraits on commission. And draw a conservative cartoon about naked mice. Yeah, I don’t know either.

  9. Jaime M-F Says:

    “I still have some cocaine in my hand, *sniffffffff*”

  10. Rick Says:

    I laughed so hard at the Q bit. So unbelievably hard.

  11. Shay Says:

    lol, internets.

  12. MissSpite Says:

    … Whadddup budddiiieeee….

  13. cappy Says:

    Aye, been watching these for the past week, CANT.STOP.WATCHING…

  14. Tanya Says:

    Ahhaahhha!! OMG! When he blows the little kiss to them….

    I nearly peed myself.

  15. Tequila Says:

    I never saw the appeal of ST:TNG until now. A national treasure indeed Mer!

  16. Oliver D Says:

    @Ornith: Kurt Logan seems more likely: http://www.andrewhussie.com/articles.php?id=16559

  17. Chris L Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  18. Myke Amend - Dark horror sci-fi fantasy steampunk gothic fine art illustration, concept art, and design for web cd dvd comic books and novels : Blog Archive : Deviant Art Data Says:

    […] There are more from this series of Star Trek parodies on CoilHouse, which in case you live in a hole, is one of the more awesome magazines on the net or in print. [Link to the article] […]

  19. Brock McCoy Says:

    First Greater Egyptian Jerboas, now TNG funnies? Thank you, thank you.

  20. Ben Morris Says:

    Episode 8 makes the first video even better.

    Regarding wonderful things from Belgium I must rate the trappist ales even higher than Belgian wheat beer / witbier. Monks make amazing beer.

  21. Mer Says:

    Jeebus Lard!! That Kurt Logan guy deserves a post all his own. My eyes! My stomach! My immortal soul!

    Hee…. Ben, you’re such a compulsive one-upper. I love it.

  22. Jerem Morrow Says:


  23. Alysa Says:

    Hahaha! Best thing ever.

  24. katiewest Says:


    i thank you for this. though, jon sung showed it to met the other day.
    and it may have then been mentioned in our council of trek. which may be a gathering of nerds to determine the best episodes of tng. maybe though. just maybe. i mean, maybe if i were that nerdy. .

  25. Agent Double Oh-No Says:

    While on the subject of re-mixes, I’d like to share this little ditty with Danzig and Shakira:


    WOMAN !

  26. Scott Says:

    I fell off my chair laughing. Twice.