“A happy place for sad rainbows.”

Once again, we’re in editorial lockdown for the print magazine. Can you tell? I was going to upload a clever animated gif of a tumbleweed to momentarily distract all of us, then recalled something far more entertaining, courtesy of RAINBOWPUKE.COM:


Their mission statement:

RainbowPuke exists so that fans of puking rainbows have a place to make their collective voices heard. In this celebration of the greatest dichotomy, you don’t have to be an artist to join in the wave of multi-colored vomit that’s sweeping the world. Simply email us your best attempt at a drawing of a rainbow puking up a rainbow of colors and we’ll post it here on RainbowPuke.com for the everybody to see.

Also see:

(Thanks, Ariana.)

8 Responses to ““A happy place for sad rainbows.””

  1. daphny Says:


  2. daphny Says:


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  4. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    The meat wasnt nearly as terrifying as it sounded, but the dinosaurs sure were!

  5. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Robocop on a Unicorn!!!

  6. Scarlett Says:

    Another issue of Coilhouse! Oh we are spoiled! Myself & himself bought a copy each of the last two issues & decided we had to find a really nice cafĂ© to drink coffee and read Coilhouse… we still haven’t found the ‘right’ place – Coilhouses are unread… we can’t have 3 unread issues so will DEFINITELY find a place and will wear our Coilhouse tees when we go to read them!!

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