Coilhouse Coming Up For Air

Good afternoon, Coilhaüsers! This post is to inform you of three things:

  1. We’ve finished printing the T-Shirts, and we’ll begin mailing them out tomorrow. They came out lovely; thank you again to everyone who ordered.
  2. Issue 03 is progressing, but we’re still in lockdown. We’ll probably come out of it soon, start posting again, and go into lockdown about a month from now again. Or something like that. The process for putting together 03 is slightly different from how we’ve done it in the past, so we’ll see how it goes.
  3. The beginning of this week’s been too hectic to even post the next installment in the series of Agent Double Oh No interviews that we’ve been running. To fight off the tumbleweeds that threaten to start rolling over this blog, I am posting this image. I have no idea who made it; the site that it comes from is all-Japanese. Anyone who can identify the artwork here gets a free box of thrift store douche. Found via Audrey Kawasaki’s ffffound, which you can get lost in for hours.

We’ll be back soon. We miss you. Mwah!

14 Responses to “Coilhouse Coming Up For Air”

  1. Zoetica Says:

    That’s Terrada, yo. At least that’s what I think. I will now help myself to some douche, before anyone proves me wrong.

  2. Nadya Says:

    I thought it LOOKED like Terrada, but wasn’t Terrada. It didn’t come up in searches about him.

  3. Zoetica Says:

    Ding ding ding! Tanaka Tatsuyuki. He’s sort of like Terra and Hewlett combined. But I still think we should give away the douche since I have to relinquish it on account of my initial wrongness.

    More Tanaka.

  4. heavy liquid Says:

    Looks more like the work of Tanaka Tatsuyuki.


  5. Amstrad Says:

    I had to pop in to see if someone had posted which of Tanaka’s works the first image is from. I’d recognize his style anywhere, but it’s not from any of his stuff I already have from his Cannabis Works artbook. From the looks of it though its just cover art for a collaboration.

  6. Paul Komoda Says:

    Ah, ya guys beat me to it.
    Yeah, Tanaka is one of my new favorites, and Cannabis Works is a definite must-have compendium.
    Some very nice animation based on his work can be seen in this music vid here:

  7. What's in a name anyways? Says:

    As far as the internet goes Coilhouse is the prize in my cereal box. I understand your busy and life’s not always fair but can I pwease have some more?

  8. Michele K. Says:

    This is the closest to info about the book in question we could find. No idea how to obtain a copy though!?!

  9. Michele K. Says:

    oops. here’s the link.

  10. number18 Says:

    As that link points out, it’s called something like Girl’s World (shoujo sekai). It seems to be a partner anthology to one called This is Boy’s Country (or something like that). Both of them are comic anthologies, and for Shoujo Sekai the theme is shoujo, or girls. The dust cover and title illustration are done by Tanaka. But it looks like his name isn’t there with the other artists inside. :P

    I think … Natalie (the site it’s on) is just a news site or something. Looks like the book just came out in mid-March this year.
    Here’s a link to Amazon Japan where you can buy the book:

  11. Ed Autumn Says:

    Hmm I don’t believe I’ve seen this piece before? Maybe from a secret archive…must dig up more! Any opportunity to find Tan-Tats gold is a good one! :D

  12. Shay Says:

    I love this style, I do.

  13. Vivacious G Says:

    Oooo wonderful!

  14. sorcha edward Says:

    I’m a bit late to the party, but this is one of my favourite images of Tatsuyuki Tanaka, who has done work with Studio 4˚c on things like Genius Party and Tekkonkinkreet! He’s awesome!