Coilhouse T-Shirts: One Day Left!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to everybody who ordered a Coilhouse shirt so far. So many familiar names appeared when these orders came through, and it means a lot to us that readers, commenters and friends have supported us by getting one of these stylish tees. Some of you even ordered two shirts –  a double thank you!

For those who have been planning to get a shirt but haven’t yet done so, this is a courtesy notice to let you know that these are only on sale for 1 more day. Sometime on Friday night (late at night), we will remove them from our shop and begin making everyone’s shirt so that they can be sent out ASAP.

If you’d like to order a shirt, please go to our shop now. Again, thank you guys for all your support. It means the world to us.

7 Responses to “Coilhouse T-Shirts: One Day Left!”

  1. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    Just a few more hours til I can order mine!
    My boyfriend actually wants one, I think thats pretty neat.
    I hope you come out with another shirt sometime in the future, I know he will want one then as well. You have a new fan!

  2. Mark Says:

    Woot, in for one of each style by the skin of my gnashers! Also sent you a mail with a faintly convoluted delivery request, hope it’s not too much bother…cheers dears! x

  3. Jerem Morrow Says:

    I shall pounce on the mailman with additional fervor. Daily.

  4. Red Neon Hearts Says:

    Oh my god noooo!

    I only just read this and didn’t even know you were making shirts *cries*

    Please tell me it’s not too late for you to take *one* more order?

    Please please please!

  5. Nadya Says:

    If anyone missed out but really, really REALLY REALLY wants to still get their shirt, email me at [email protected] before Monday morning and I’ll see if we’re still able to do it. Thank you!

  6. Tequila Says:

    Get em while you can! In the coming Industrial Zombie Steampunk Goth Apocalypse those not wearing these shirts will be considered the undead enemy and destroyed with some highly decorative and ridiculously complicated weapon system…powered by steam…and fired from an airship!

    Unless you’re a zombie wearing the shirt…then you’d just be damn cool.

  7. Nomi Says:

    I’m so sad I missed the shirts. They look awesome. :(