First-Ever Coilhouse T-Shirt: On Sale This Monday!

Get ready to INFORM. INSPIRE. INFECT! Next week, and next week only, we will be offering our first-ever limited run of Coilhouse tees.

We’re screen-printing these shirts in reflective silver ink on black T-shirts from American Apparel. We will be offering two different unisex styles, which you can check out in the pictures after the jump. On the front, we have the monocled, corseted, seahorse-obsessed INFORM cover girl from Issue 01, drawn by Zoetica (here’s the original sketch). On the back, our slogan. Simple, sexy, eye-catching.

The shirts will go up for sale on Monday, and the last day to order will be on Friday. This window of time will be your last chance to get a Coilhouse shirt for a while, because after this sale is over, it’s crunch time on Issue 03 for us. It will be your only chance to get this particular style.

Image gallery, sizing chart and mini-FAQ about the shirts after the jump. Other questions are welcomed in the comments.

I want one now! How much?
The shirts cost $19.99, and shipping will be standard USPS Priority Mail at $4.99 in the US, $9.99 to Canada, and $11.99 anywhere else in the world (sorry, we know the shipping rates suck – blame USPS, not us!). For those stragglers who haven’t ordered Issue 02 yet, this is the perfect opportunity: we’ll combine shipping!

What are the different available shirt styles?
There are two different styles to choose from. One is American Apparel Style 8362 (“Cotton Spandex Jersey Aerobic Top”), the other is American Apparel Style 2001(“Fine Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt”). Click the links to see specs and more pictures of these cuts from the American Apparel site. Note that we are selling a wider range of sizes than what’s available from the AA retail online ship; consult the sizing chart below for the sizes available.

How long will it take for me to get my shirt?
The shirts will go up for sale on Monday, and the last day you can order one will be on Friday. After we get everybody’s order on Friday, we order the shirts wholesale and screen-print everyone’s shirt here in LA. It will take us 1 week to get all the shirts made, after which time we’ll promptly ship. So you’re looking at about a 1-to-2-week wait from the time you order to the time we ship.

Can I get these in a different style/color?
At this time, the only available color combo is silver-on-black on the two shirts we’re offering.

Who are the hot bitches modeling these shirts?
Those would be Allan Amato (who also shot the pictures, AND our Issue 02 cover), Scar (our Issue 01 inside cover girl) and the lovely Shakti.

28 Responses to “First-Ever Coilhouse T-Shirt: On Sale This Monday!”

  1. Tequila Says:

    Having been wanting a shirt with Zo’s art for some time this is just all the more sweeter. I must haz it!

    I will buy two…one to wear and one to later sell for an outrageous profit.

    However I have one very important question…how much to have Shakti hand deliver it?

    side note: how was this not tagged stroke material? I mean COME ON! :P

  2. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Moost. Haz.

    p.s. I second the last two questions posed by Tequila.

  3. CamyLuna Says:

    WANT! I must have this. They look so cool!

    So, does on sale Monday mean at 12:01am Monday morning? Or 9am / 10am Monday morning? Trying to figure out if I should stay up late or get up early.

  4. Lolla Says:

    ooh, I love this print!!!

  5. Laura Gardner Says:

    One week? :( but payday isn’t until the 30th and i’m a student. I’m going to miss out :O

  6. Trystan Says:

    @Laura; borrow! beg! credit! trade!

    I am sorely tempted, but I have a huge pet peeve against shirts that aren’t long enough from my ridiculously long torso, and this one doesn’t look like it is. boo. :(

  7. Jon Munger Says:


  8. Phraktyl Says:

    Despite not rocking a fit build like Allen is, I’m definitely going to grab this shirt.

    Awesome design!

  9. Jon Munger Says:

    Also, Re: models


  10. Erin Says:

    Echoing Trystan’s problem. Curse our ridiculously long torsos! They look gorgeous though!

  11. Nadya Says:

    CamyLuna: Good question. Probably in the morning. Get your beauty sleep. :)

    Laura: Sorry – wish we could extend this for more than a week, but the problem is that we need to order all the shirts in bulk before we start screenprinting them, which is why we need to close the ordering by a certain date. In the future we’ll order in advance and keep them in stock, but right now we don’t have that option.

    Trystan, Erin: I have the same exact problem, guys. I have a long torso and I hate it when any skin shows between my pants and my top. I love shirts and sweaters that cover the hips. When we develop future styles, we’ll try to find one just for you (and me). That said, I still really like way these shirts are cut.

  12. Ed Autumn Says:


    I want it!!!


  13. Liz Says:

    I’ll be buying one! I need it. Neeeeed it.

  14. Adrian Says:

    Are there infinitybillion available? or will I have to be up at 1 AM to order them nice and early. (It’s already Monday here.)

  15. Jani Says:

    It seems that I have to yet again put my money towards your treasuries. Maybe I’ll order one of each type. One for me and other for someone special.

    USPS is getting slice of my wallet too, yet again. Though that is pretty reasonable price for shirts, for magazine it’s kind of outrageous. haha.

  16. kimberlyann Says:

    am excited. totally hot. will hopefully remember to buy one this week. someone remind me. set an alarm. =D!

  17. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    WANT. I love this particular piece of Zo’s, being an ocean enthusiast myself! Excitement indeed. Ive got m’self a long waist, but this is well worth the extra shirt tugs!

    …Is it Monday yet??

  18. R. Says:

    Damn I want that. I’m going to be on this Monday.

  19. Hill Rat Says:

    I love it. This shirt could be one of the crowning jewels in my collection of t-shirts that I acquire to freak out the squares and make the hipster doofuses jealous.

  20. Ryan Says:

    When the heck did Scar dye her hair pink…Guess it’s been a long time since I’ve been to one of “those” clubs.

  21. Michelle Says:

    How stretchy are they? I have a nearly 40″ bust but was considering ordering a large instead of an xl because it hate having things baggy in the waist.

    I should be getting my state tax refund check pretty soon, I really want this shirt…hoping you don’t sell out before then!

  22. Alice Says:

    I’m envisioning scenarios in which Coilhouse readers identify one another on the street because one of them is wearing this awesome t-shirt.

    I’m totally going to make this happen. Living the dream!

    Although I must say….the sizing chart for the girlier of the two shirts in the strangest thing…I’ve never seen a t-shirt sized in terms of “front body length” and “chest width”…

  23. Beth Says:

    Erm… yes. I agree with the measurements. Unfortunately, I don’t understand the chest measurement. I’m guessing that isn’t all the way round the bust as my bust measurement is 29… I’m not THAT big! I’m a UK dress size 10!

    Does anyone know how to interpret as, quite clearly, this top MUST BE MINEZORZ!

  24. Alice Says:

    Beth- I spent a good chunk of time last night with a measuring tape, and I think I’ve figured it out a little…the chest measurement is DEFINITELY just the front (as in, armpit-to-armpit). Also, the American Apparel site has more easily-understood sizing charts.

  25. Nadya Says:

    Hey guys, I copied and pasted the sizing from American Apparel’s site, but if Alice says there’s more detailed sizing info on the site, I must’ve missed it. I wish I could help figure out the sizing info, but I’m a bit daft when it comes to that stuff… Alice, please send over the link you found to more sizing info, if you can!

  26. Beth Says:

    Thankyou so much guys. You have aided my filthy habit and Coil-y addiction!

  27. Alice Says:

    I just Googled the American Apparel styles that you guys are using for the Ts and referred to the charts they have listed for the plain ones.


    It’s entirely possible that I made a mistake and found the wrong styles after all, but I’ve placed my order, so here’s hoping they’re correct!

    I realize it’s pretty late, but maybe these links’ll help a few of the stragglers!

  28. Freya Says:

    Think you guys will ever reprint this design? So sad that I missed out on buying it!