Stroke Material! The Ugne Andrikonyte Edition.

Overseas readers, the video should work for you now.

The video above is what the Coilhouse “Stroke Material” tag was made for. No other tag needed. It’s a music video directed by Arno Bani, featuring a very androgynous-looking model with the incredible name Ugne Andrikonyte. Say it with me: UGNE ANDRIKONYTE! The music, however, is not recommended. So turn down the the YouTube clip, put on some Massive Attack or something, make sure no one walks in on you, and enjoy. As a bonus, here’s a photo from Bani’s site, done in a similar style as the video above. [Thanks, Finn]

14 Responses to “Stroke Material! The Ugne Andrikonyte Edition.”

  1. Finn Says:

    Yeah, I hadn’t noticed the “stroke material” category. I will check it regularly from now on. It’s fabulous. I’ve had dirty little fantasies about that girl since I saw the video 4 years ago.. Now I can officially stalk her. That is, after I figure out how to pronounce her name.

  2. Daniel Mirante Says:

    “This video is not available in your country” No fair! :(

  3. Tequila Says:

    Always dug the video…it’s one of the few times I’ve seen the idea work on film and actually look really good…AND I LIKE THE SONG.

    What can I say the genre is a guilty pleasure and that Martin Solveig track in particular was pretty popular when it hit. Think I still have the vinyl single at that…I’ll be sure to send you the mp3 Nadya…and the remixes. :P

    I know deep down your love for Funky House is strong.

  4. Fritz Bogott Says:

    I agree with the proposition that white folks look better when channeling Grace Jones.

  5. David Forbes Says:


    I need to go bite down on something. Now. Preferably leather.

  6. Vaidilute Says:

    She’s a pretty popular model from Lithuania. Her first name means “Fire” in Lithuanian. Fierce!

    By the way, the correct spelling should be Ugnė Andrikonytė.

  7. Andy Says:

    That link’s still not working for Sweden. Is this link ( ) the same video?

  8. Nadya Says:

    Andy, that’s the one! Thank you.

  9. inachis_io Says:

    I discovered that The Chemical Brothers’ song “Piku” correlates insanely well with the visuals in the video. And the video… you’re absolutely right, Nadya. The very definition of.

  10. Jessica Says:

    The darkened skin and flashing whites of the eyes makes me think of this one…
    Bourne “The Painting”
    although it has a very different mood, more mysterious, melancholy and romantic than strut, lick and grind…
    (Video directed by Bernd Preiml)

  11. zeitzeuge Says:

    Better version with better sound and uncensored.

  12. Ed Autumn Says:

    *Gasp* Now I really know that my stupid studying has taken all my valuable time when I haven’t seen this post yet!! Seriously, Ugnė Andrikonytė is pure love! I stumbled upon her magnificence a while back but I never actually knew her name then! I learned it sometime at the end of 2007 or beginning of 2008 and wow. You know when you let something build up this mystery and what not you’re afraid to investigate and ruin it with something mundane? That’s how I felt about Ugnė. But then I found out and it was awesome! Plus she’s from Lithuania so she wins points for that by default ;p

    And thanks zeitzeuge for the link as well!! <3333333333

  13. Ashbet Says:

    I seriously think we should get this girl together with Nightcrawler, so that they can have sexy, sexy graphite-colored babies ;)

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  14. Mervyn Says:

    I met her in Buenos Aires in 2012 by accident, having no idea who she was at that time. Oh, such beauty, such incredible beauty. :'(