Better Than Coffee: Raquel Bombshell Bonanza

Raquel Welch (Crucifixion) by Terry O’Neill.

“Raquel Welch is the rudest, most unprofessional actress I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with, and if I could, I would spank her from here to Aswan.”  -James Mason, on working with Welch in the murder mystery flick The Last of Sheila.

Well, good MORNING. James Mason quote, meet Stroke Material tag! Go ahead and take a minute to visualize the sexily sinister three-time Academy Award winner taking Welch, undisputed Bikini Queen of the 20th Century, over his knee… preferably while you watch a few of Welch’s most VA VA VOOM performances available on YouTube. We’ll start things off with this 1970 clip of the astronomically hot Ms. Welch and two swishy spacemen dancing in the Ruta de la Amistad public sculpture project of Mexico City:

Moog-a-licious, no? The clip originally aired in Raquel Welch’s 1970 television special. Added bonus to the Barbarella bikini action: her killer Parisian Red Riding Hood steez in that latter number!

PS: My sincere apologies for slacking on the BTC posts lately. We’re all still behaving like inbred ADHD-suffering hamsters over here, trying to get print issue #3 squared away.

Scene from Flareup, 1969. Choreography < enthusiasm.

Welch and Cher subtly attempt to out-diva one another.

Sadly, Welch’s infamous ride ’em cowgirl strap-on buttrape scene from Myra Breckenridge has been removed from YouTube, so we’ll have to make do with the film’s opening credit sequence. (Does anyone else love this horrifying kitsch fest as much as I do? I think it’s right up there with Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and The Apple.)

Best for last: Welch on The Muppet Show! Gleee!

10 Responses to “Better Than Coffee: Raquel Bombshell Bonanza”

  1. R. Says:

    Raquel and my coffee go hand in hand this morning. What a way to start the day with all that “Space Dance” action.

  2. Francesca Furiosa Says:

    They just don’t make them like they used to, huh?

    And seriously, miss Welch should be fucking cannonized as the saint of all that is sexy in the world.

  3. James Shearhart Says:

    So at what point does Welch and the two gay Ultraman cosplay dancers figure into the 70’s miniseries adaptation of The Martian Chronicles?

    Also: bump-n-grind on the Muppet Show. That’s how you keep your name on the minds of casting directors….

  4. Paul Komoda Says:

    That giant spider is one of the coolest muppet creatures ever!
    And yes, Ms. Welch left quite an impression on my adolescent mind. I believe her roll in Fantastic Voyage helped forge my “female form in rubber’ fixation.

  5. cappy Says:

    She’s gonna hit that bridge!

  6. gothate Says:

    I missed the whole Raquel Welch thing, and I didn’t regret it until now. Thanks!

  7. BobDog Says:

    As a young man, Raquel Welch has always been the temptress of my dreams. Thank you for the visuals and the memories!

  8. Andy Says:

    Ahem… if you all hurry now then you might find that lost “Infamous Myra Breckinridge Scene” on youtube again. A bad copy, true, but’s there

  9. Mer Says:

    Andy, I think I know the nigh-unwatchable version you’re talking about. It doesn’t count. That scene is more than 23 seconds long. :)

  10. Andy Says:

    True enough.. it was a bit shorter than that. I’ll have to dive deeper into the internet, it’s got to be somewhere in there^^

    This one’s almost a whole minute and I’m fairly sure it’s been cut