Joining Chenman’s Mickey Mouse Club

A ruff and a space helmet – two great tastes that taste great together! This is the work of Chenman, a 20-something Beijing photographer. Her work’s been published in fashion magazines around the world, and though she already has campaigns for MAC, Chanel, Sony Ericsson and Canon under her belt, I have a feeling that she’s just beginning to pick up speed. Chenman’s web presence consists of a portfolio website and a blog. The latter’s in Chinese, but there are still plenty of images to enjoy.

90% of Chenman’s portfolio consists of pristine commercial images, but a good look at the personal portfolio on her site her site reveals the weirdo lurking underneath. You can tell just by looking at her picture that this chick’s got spunk and a sense of humor. Any high-end fashion photographer who tells a model to stick a tissue in her nose & hold that pose is OK in my book. I love her ongoing preoccupation with Mickey Mouse ears. One to watch! More favorites after the jump. [Thanks, monk3y!]

Chenman herself

4 Responses to “Joining Chenman’s Mickey Mouse Club”

  1. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Hot damn, this stuff is divine!

  2. Vivacious G Says:

    Wow, only 20 years old? Terrific! Beautiful work.

  3. Jessica Says:

    Exquisite! I’d seen only one of these images before, lovely to see them in context. Thank you for yet another delicious treat!!! :)

  4. one little simitopian Says:

    The 5th and 6th images are indescribably beautiful. I’ll definitely be watching out for more of her work!