Pleasures of the Flesh: Fernando Vicente

1950s Vogue meets Zombie in these inspiring paintings by Fernando Vicente. The textured cyan background works beautifully with the fleshy yellows and reds. I love the Hepburn-like aristocracy of the women in these portraits.

For many more images from this series, go to Fernando Vicente’s website, click NOVEDADES, and then click VANITAS. His website’s in Flash, so I can’t link directly to the images here. Some more favorites, after the jump.

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  1. Sarah Les P Says:


  2. drtenge Says:

    the uncredited source:

    my girlfriend has an incredible livejournal and i think it’s a shame that coilhouse passed up on the opportunity to tell others where they would find a lot more beautiful images like this.

  3. Nadya Says:

    drtenge, actually I found this on NotCot, which did not link to Nana’s LJ either. We always try to credit the original “discoverer” when we can pinpoint that person. Thanks for the link to the true source, I appreciate it very much.

  4. Mer Says:

    Drtenge! You make us sound so evil, dude! I’ve been seeing the Fernando Vicente art pop up all over the place over the last few days…

    Your girlfriend’s LJ is undeniably awesome. I’d never heard of it before. I can already tell I’m going to spend hours over there. :)

  5. lizzelizzel Says:

    I love it!
    and for the record…
    I saw these on Wurzelforum’s flickr first.
    What’s there to credit besides the ARTIST?

  6. drtenge Says:

    now i will hide my head in shame and beg for your forgiveness..she spent quite some time editing them and i suppose everybody used those.

    though, please…do forget i said anything, please continue with posting enjoyable things.

  7. Mer Says:

    Wurzeltod FTW!

  8. Michael Doyle Says:

    Amazing! My absolute favorite color combination + science book art & pretty ladies…

  9. Tequila Says:

    I like the series, definitely something I respond to. Reminds me of all my uncles medical books that I would go through as a kid…only much more colorful. Still something is gnawing me that I’ve seen something similar but for the life of me can’t remember who did it…arrg!

    “What’s there to credit besides the ARTIST?”

    These days on the grand ole Internetz one must credit the following.

    1. The person who originally posted said images on their blog.
    2. The person who originally scanned or edited said images for a blog.
    3. The person who had the idea to scan and edit said images for a blog.
    4. The person who’s scanner or computer was used to create said images for the blog.
    5. The inventor or designer of the particular scanner or computer used for said images for the blog.
    6. The person who originally saw the images in the real world.
    7. The gallery owner or person who shared the images so that someone could see them in the real world.
    8. The person or people responsible for making the images cool enough to be displayed in the gallery, home, or collection of a person in the real world.
    9. The Artist who made the images (a link to their website or contact info is usually enough)
    10. The people who nurtured the artists talent.
    11. The people who created said artist.
    12. The kids who picked on the artist in school thus pushing them to create art.
    13. Some sort of deity if you are the spiritual or religious type.
    14. The artists agent
    15. The artists recreational drugs facilitator if such is the case.
    16. The artists significant other who may or may not have inspired the work but says they did anyhow.
    17. Anyone with an internet connection capable of seeing said work.
    18. Blogs that link to other blogs that link to blogs that take credit for originally posting said art.
    19. Jaded art lovers who said they already saw the work before but didn’t have the time to talk about or mention it cause they were too busy looking at the cool underground stuff nobody knows about.
    20. The people of the cool underground nobody knows about who don’t want attention really but to at least be acknowledged they are so cool and underground.

    and lastly…

    21. People who actually like the art and posted it on their blog cause they thought it would be fun to share and had no intention of stepping on anyone’s internet toes.

  10. Garm Says:

    Yes you can! I mean, link directly to the images. They’re on his blogspot:

  11. Ed Autumn Says:

    O.O Typing out a comment cannot express my utter excitement for this post!!!!!!!!!!! This is seriously the most wonderful thing I’ve seen this week!! Well maybe more than that, actually it’s the kind of thing I’ve been IN LOVE with for quite some years now! I’ve always wanted to make (and have actually but not very well u_u) this kind of work – it blends some of my all time favorite things: beautiful paintings/art of serpentine and sinuous figures (female or male), anatomy, distortion, and the just plain weird!! Gah!! New fave right here, man I’ve been missing out!! Thanks <3333333333333
    *goes off to fill sketch book with more anatomy studies and twisting, melting, peeling, undulating bodies…..* ^_^’

  12. Nadya Says:

    Garm, thanks for that link.

    Tequila, Lizzie: yes, it can get a little bit silly with the “credit for scanning” and whatnot, but I just want to say that I absolutely, whole-heartedly believe that it’s vital to link to the original source on the web, give props to the person that discovered that hitherto-unknown thing that you’re now sharing. Discovering things new things in the wild corners of the web, curating them, that’s a true talent. It takes intuition, it takes taste, it takes time. That’s why I’d never want to take credit for finding something that I didn’t find. Finding stuff is hard work, and I’d be a real asshole to take credit for work I didn’t do.

    Additionally, doing a little “via…” at the end of a post is a way of bringing traffic to people’s blogs. Coilhouse would be nowhere today if people weren’t constantly reposting stuff that we found with a little courtesy tag of “via Coilhouse” at the end. I try to return that karma and link back in kind, but with NotCot, I figured that if it’s been there, it’s been everywhere at this point. I probably could’ve done a little more detective work and figured it out, and I often do when posting something, but today the trail wasn’t obvious and I just didn’t have the time to dig further. If I had an RSS reader I think it would be easier for me to keep track of where “you heard it first”, but my crime is that I never got in the habit of using an RSS reader and I just hop from hop page to page in random order when I check my blogs each day. But I have tremendous respect for Wurzelod, BoingBoing, Ectomo and other blogs in the same vein that sometimes overlap content with us. I think everyone who writes here and there is respectful of giving credit where credit is due, whenever they are able to pinpoint the source.

  13. Mer Says:

    No worries, Drtenge, I understand. :)

    I’m definitely in agreement with Nadya. Giving (and getting) a bit of curating credit where it’s due is always nice.

    We’ve had countless instances where some Grand Fromage has reposted/repackaged some obscure item that was featured days earlier on CH without a linkback. It’s never malicious! Just that someone we know who knows someone they know passed on the goodies without a “saw it here first.” (I’m sure we’ve done the same thing in the past without even knowing it.) Sometimes when that happens, I feel a wee bit lonely. Especially if the reblogger is someone I really admire. *COFFWilliamGibsonCOFF* But more than anything else, I’m joyful. It means that some scrumptious tidbit that makes the world less craptastic is being enjoyed more extensively. Which means we’ve done something good.

    Anyhoo. When you’re the curator and not the creator of something, there’s only so much righteous indignation you can allow yourself to feel for not gettin’ props before you turn into a bitter, martyred ol’ poopyhead. Actually, that’s true even for creators, frustrating as it may be to have someone bite your style.

    If we do what we love, and we lift up those we love, that really should be reward enough.


  14. Mer Says:

    Oof. Sorry for the saccharine poison.

    [Bravely fighting the urge to post that scene from Pollyanna when she falls out of the window.]

  15. Mer Says:


  16. Skerror Says:

    @Tequila: “Still something is gnawing me that I’ve seen something similar but for the life of me can’t remember who did it…arrg!”

    There’s something right on the edge of my brain too and I’d really like to know what it is. I’m kinda sorta thinking the facial expressions and the paint strokes are a teency bit Frank Frazetta maybe??? Maybe???

  17. BlueAnchorNatasha Says:

    I don’t suppose any of you are aware of the new book ‘Pride Prejudice and Zombies’ are you? There are ninja…….

    Austen zombies..
    I made the mistake of watching the BN studio vid below the listing and will now have nightmares. >.< Yes, even ONE zombie image will do that to me. GAH.

  18. Emy Augustus Says:

    these are almost exactly like a dream I had a few nights ago!

  19. Nana Says:

    Actually the only credit should be given to Hugo Strikes Back! that is actually where I steal a lot from (with credits of course that are always returned when he steals from me ^^). He posted it before me and before Wurzelod. Just a clarification.
    I don’t think you should have dug more!

  20. Jessica Says:

    Lovely work!
    I’ve always found it fascinating to trace the trajectory of artwork from blog to blog. I doesn’t surprise me at all that this work showed up in the Wurzelforum, on Hugo’s blog and here at about the same time…all of you have such exquisite taste! :)

    Tequila/Skerror: The gestures make me think of Vesalius and his contemporaries. Perhaps that’s what you’re thinking of? It wasn’t unusual for the subjects of anatomical illustrations from that time period (c.1500-ish) to gracefully peel away their skin for the viewer as if it was elegant clothing.

  21. Tequila Says:

    @Nadya & Mer… The stuff written about here has routinely gone out of its way to give proper credit in a common sense kinda way. Good blogs always try to do that and as a result ends up taking people deeper down the rabbit hole.

    The only issue I ever had was people wanting credit for the sake of validating their own taste. That just gets silly. The beauty of blogs is that people can write about the same topic but have totally unique perspectives on it. Also some never read more than a few blogs and at times never even know others may have covered similar territory. I barely have time to regularly read a handful…let alone the dozens to hundreds of quality ones out there.

    I’ve always like the fact you all pepper your articles with links to assorted sources, related media, or more detailed articles. If needed updates are even made to give even MORE credit…so I can’t see how a better job could be done.

    As far as “saw it here first” while content may not always be first shown here it sure has been the first time many readers have been exposed to it. THAT ultimately has the most value regardless of who posted what where first in the blogsphere…or whoever mentioned it on Twitter first :P

  22. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Body World’s exhibits are accompanied by stuff very much like this! I even offered to purchase one of the hangings. To no avail. Do they not understand my musthazness?

    BlueAnchor: YESYESYES!

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  24. Angela Says:

    Oh, I love this guy’s work! A friend of mine just posted one of his Vanitas pieces, “Presentimiento” (the one with the open heart), and I loved it so much I had to body-paint a tribute on myself and use it as my new Facebook DP. Somehow I knew if I dug into the Coilhouse archives I’d find him here. You guys don’t miss a single delicious bit :)