Issue 02 Sold Out!

…aaaaand, that’s it. They’re gone, folks. Issue 02 is no longer available for sale on this site. Many thanks to everybody who bought an issue at the last minute.

For those of you who just missed it, our friend Cassandra at Wildilocks in Australia is selling 6 copies of Issue 02 and 6 copies of the coveted, limited-edition Issue 01! Cass originally bought these from us at retail price when they came out, pretty much just to support us. Thank you, Cass!

3 Responses to “Issue 02 Sold Out!”

  1. Glamourbeastie Says:

    Cass and the crew at Wildilocks are a truly genuine, warm and talented bunch. Melbourne is a city of many great talents, including hairdressers – however, they are the only ones who’ll get your Betty bangs, woolly dreads, sharp colour and eye of Horus shaved into the side of your head juuuuusst right.

  2. xtrasugarxtrasalt Says:

    Fabulous, just ordered my Issue 1! I was too drunk to outbid whomever beat me on ebay. ebay is just too much pressure.

  3. tyhiliet Says:

    I am in pain for the issue one. and ordering it from wildlocks site adds to my suffering. The shipping costs from Australia to California will be would mean using money I have no means to pay back… Of all Hell, this post was more of a tease!!! I’m going to run right in my room to weep and hover over my copy of issue two, until three is released