Richard Beymer’s Twin Peaks Gallery

Actor Richard Beymer, who played Benjamin Horne in Twin Peaks, has a gallery of hauntingly beautiful¬† black-and-white photos from his time behind the scenes on the David Lynch show. Even if you never watched the whole series (as – full disclosure – I still haven’t had the opportunity to!) – the photos stand alone as an enthralling glimpse at the synergy that evolves around any special production between the cast and the crew. The photos read almost as family portraits, permeated by a sense of camaraderie and playfulness. Lynch himself is always a wonderful photographic subject – this portrait of Lynch and Isabella Rossellini by Helmut Newton is one of my favorite images of all time. In the Beymer photos, Lynch looks genuinely happy to be working on the series with the equipment and people around him. The grainy processing of the film adds another layer of nostalgia over every shot. See all 49 images here. [via Flesh World – nswf]

14 Responses to “Richard Beymer’s Twin Peaks Gallery”

  1. bianca alexis Says:

    You have acted out on a zeitgeist again. I have been watching the Twin Peak series straight. The entire two season are online here:

  2. Andy Says:

    thanks for that link Bianca.. I’ve had a yearning for Twin Peaks lately as well:)

    edit: but alas… since I live in Europe this reel won’t play for me:(

  3. Tequila Says:

    These are great, I still have my set of Twink Peaks “baseball” cards. One card is devoted to cherry pie.

    Getting to see anything behind the scenes is fantastic…but B&W AND pics of some of my all time favorite actors…visual feast.

    Great post.

    @Nadya…tsk tsk tsk…Go see it as soon as you can. You’ll be wandering around for days going “How did that ever get on network TV?” and have quite the hunger for cherry pie and coffee.

  4. Ash Says:

    Oh, how fitting. I’ve been watching them all online. Had a mini marathon today and am almost through with the series. How lovely!

    : )

  5. Noel Says:

    These photos are so great. This show is classic. I wish we had more than two seasons of it.

  6. dr.hypercube Says:

    Loved the show then and love it now. I’d move to that version of Lynch’s world in a second. Thanks for the link to the gallery.

  7. whittles Says:

    my housemate just got the box set for his birthday. We watched the pilot last week and the first two episodes this week. I’ve never seen any of it before, so this is perfect timing!

  8. Sam Says:

    Agent Cooper makes me purr.

  9. Jessica Says:

    Loooooooooooooove them!!!! (Full disclosure: I’ve seen the whole series half a dozen times or so. Nadya, it’s SO much better than Top Model, I SWEAR!!! Do it!)

  10. alumiere Says:

    thank you – those are awesome pictures

    and now, since it’s up online, i think we’ll have a twin peaks weekend (we just finished watching all of bab5 again)

  11. kimberlyann Says:

    amazing! just finished the series this past spring. it’s incredible, and these photos are a gem! yay.

  12. Leo Says:

    It holds up well, even the fashions.

  13. Tim Says:

    Ever hear about the Season 3 graphic novel? Sadly, never to be– but, in an interview here:
    there are some very interesting tidbits of what might have happened had Twin Peaks gone to S3.

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