(Belated) Better Than Coffee: Rachel Brice

It’s my pal Bricey’s birthday. In addition to being a bottomless font of warm fuzzy vibes, moral support and hilarious butt jokes, Rachel Brice is widely regarded to be one of the most accomplished and innovative belly dancers working in the Tribal Fusion style today. So, for those of you who are (like me) shamefully staggering out of bed just in time for dinner (hey, man, some of us were up ’til 11am copy-editing Coilhouse print edition #3) and in need of something awe-inspiring/energizing/exquisite to look upon, here’s an assortment of clips of Rachel Brice: Professional Belly Dancing Badass and Beloved Goofball.

Have a lovely day, homeslice.

Rachel, Mardi & Zoe (collectively known as the Indigo Belly Dance Company) drinkin’ and dancin’ to Man Man. WORD.

Arrrrbee performing with the inscrutable Pezhead. (She shows up at about 5:00.)

I really love this one! Quality’s not the best, but such a great performance. Bricey was in some tiny bar in Melbourne, Australia. She had no idea she was being filmed.

Trybalsnake’s extensive tribute video culled from dozens of R.B. clips on Teh YooToob.

16 Responses to “(Belated) Better Than Coffee: Rachel Brice”

  1. Jerem Morrow Says:


  2. Nadya Says:

    Oh man… the fact that you said “up ’til 11 AM” makes me scared of the amount of stuff you have for me!

  3. celestyna Says:

    I first saw her when she travelled here with the Yard Dogs Road Show.
    I had seen plenty tribal dancers, but never anyone remotely like her.
    She’s amazing!
    Oh noes, I predict another weeklong youtube rachael brice search string obsession!

  4. Scary Girl Says:

    She is gorgeous, and talk about abs of steel! Some of the moves she pulled in the 2nd video made me cringe.

    I’d love to give belly dancing a go. I’ve got a long vertical scar running from my breastbone to a few inches below the solar plexus, but eh, different is good.

  5. Kristi Says:

    Oh Miss Rachel. She is a hypnotizing snake lady! Happy Birthday to her!

  6. TempestedBird Says:

    RB is one of my favourite people in the world. Delightful human being, delicious dancer.

  7. Vivacious G Says:

    She is just wonderful. Birthday wishes!

  8. Cristobat Says:

    Thank you, Rachel Brice and Coilhouse for reminding me of the joy of the movement of the human body. Inspired me back into moving mine own.

  9. Kale Kip Says:

    Definitely better than coffee, this is awesome!

  10. Patricia Says:

    I don’t care for the choppy editing of the second clip and would have preferred some smooth continuity to match her sensuous moves. Nonetheless: wow, her muscle control is amazing. Do not attempt the move at approximately 1:50 at home kids – Ms Brice is a professional!

  11. Heather Says:

    wheee! I first saw this beautiful lady on the sleeve of the Le Serpent Rouge CD. Amazing movement. Happy birthday!

    and Scary Girl – everyone in bellydancing is beautiful. I’ve done classes with stick figure girls, graceful Persians, ackward Nigerian ladies, teenagers, octegenarians, the scarred, the scared, and the fierce, and they ALL look empowered and entrancing when doing the routines. Go for it!

  12. ladyCommissar Says:

    I miss bellydancing. I had to drop classes and then my instructor moved away =/ I could have auditioned to join the tribe at the southern faire, but I wound up having to work BOTH audition days. *pouts*

  13. Olivia Says:

    This is amazing! It seems like different parts of her body are possessed by some beautiful,forgotten ancient snake god while she moves.
    Her dances are really spine-tingling to watch, they’re so gorgeous…

    Thank you Mer!

  14. lee Says:

    i love her, she’s so beautiful and her costumes too.
    bellydancing is so very cool.

  15. Ana Says:

    Oh wow. I had almost forgotten just how much I love Rachel Brice, and how much I love this video. Thank you.

  16. Kari Says:

    If there was ever someone I aspired more to be like than she, I do not remember it.
    She’s amazing, and the way she dances is utterly hypnotic. :) I was lucky to see her at a faire a few years back. :)
    Thank you!!