BTC: We Can Dance If We Want To

(Via Gala Darling. Bear with the janky visuals and audio! It’s worth it.)

Confession: I am a terrible dancer. Really, truly awful. Nothing graceful, mysterious, strong or sexy about me on a disco floor. More like a capuchin monkey being electrocuted. Once, in my early twenties, partying at a club in downtown NYC (land of folded arms, reserved weight-shifting and ambivalent head-nodding) a friend pulled me aside and frankly informed me “sweetie, you look like a twat out there.” For one immensely painful split second, I was deeply wounded. But the bullet passed through non-vital tissue. No permanent damage.

“I know. So what?” I pinched my friend’s cheek, went right back out there and recommenced shakin’ my monkeymaker.

Yes, many of us are terrified of making asses out of ourselves for all eternity. Me too. But when it comes to dancing for the sheer joy of it, all bets are off. All of you cool coordinated kids in the peanut gallery can point and laugh, but babies, you’re the ones missing out. Mark Twain knew his shit, and like Maude once said, “everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You can’t let the world judge you too much.”

Who knows? Maybe the world just wants to join in the fun.

Much more wacky wiggle dancing after the jump.

14 Responses to “BTC: We Can Dance If We Want To”

  1. john colby Says:

    Whoops, when you said “maude” that bea Aurthur TV theme started playng in my head…

  2. cass Says:

    Oh, snap! I just earlier watched a rather lame “mash-up” of “brat pack” dance sequences to some random new music that had me yelling at the computer “that’s not a mash-up, it’s just the original footage with different (and less good) music!” … and so serendipitously you provide, saving me having to look up the original Breakfast Club scene on youtube. Thankyou, Mer!

    btw, have you heard of Top Secret Dance Off ( A few of my Kiwi friends were doing it earlier in the year, excellent wacky dancing fodder :)

  3. tyhiliet Says:

    For the love of god that first one is too much for me

  4. Miss Jess Says:

    The first video cracked me up, I laughed too loud! A very happy video, for sure.

  5. greenpencil Says:

    Yes please! Because what’s worse than making an arse out of yourself is just standing and doing nothing! The people who just stand during dance events/parties should get smacked on the head.
    Dance mothafucka dance!

  6. Tequila Says:

    The first one is pure awesome. That’s just beautiful. Can’t dance for the life of me but I’d join in that wonderful silliness.

    Ah, the Safety Dance…such a perfect example of what the 80’s really were all about. It also remains the reason I can’t take Renaissance Festivals seriously.

  7. R. Says:

    I embrace my bad dancing. I flail like I’m drowning and shake it like it’s going to fall off.

    Now the Safety Dance is stuck in my head and I’ll be humming it for the next few days.

  8. Mer Says:

    I flail like I’m drowning and shake it like it’s going to fall off.


  9. Slackety Pants Says:

    You are one of the great jeenuses of our time. Thank you for this.

    Don’t forget… HIM:

  10. Beth Says:

    The Sasquatch dance made my heart soar! My fiance and I were cracking up with ultimate glee. I applaud the power of silliness to create a riot of pure happy awesome!

  11. benjabimon Says:

    exactly! who cares as long as you’re having fun? this complete lack of shame is probably why i dance like a piece of fucked up seaweed crossed with a monkey.

  12. whelky Says:

    hahaha, great entry. i too live inside the wondrous kaleidoscope that looks like a cartoon plastic turd from the outside.

    and don’t forget!:

  13. aidan Says:

    Love it! There were plenty of goofy dancers all weekend at Erikah Badu and Girl Talk and so on – beautiful souls they are. Too bad they put the other 99% of festival goers to shame.

  14. ladyCommissar Says:

    That is one crazy German. Oh wait.. that’s a bit redundant isnt it? Lol, us German are ALL crazy.
    The first video gave me warm fuzzies, its so great that people actually joined in. And in case you haven’t laugh enough, I have one for ya!

    naked swedes dancing with only bread for cover: