Crackpot Visionary of the Month: Joseph Carnevale

Via The Smoking Gun:

JUNE 12–A North Carolina man is facing criminal charges for creating an amusing piece of public art from construction barrels. Joseph Carnevale, 21, was nabbed Wednesday after a Raleigh Police Department investigation determined that he was responsible for the work constructed May 31 on a roadway adjacent to North Carolina State University. Carnevale was charged with misdemeanor larceny for allegedly building his orange monster from materials pilfered from a construction site. According to an arrest warrant, Carnevale “destroyed three road blocking barrels by cutting and screwing them together to form a statue.” Police estimated that Carnevale’s artwork caused $360 in damages to Hamlett Associates, the North Carolina construction company that owned the barrels. Carnevale is scheduled for a July 21 court appearance in Wake County.


14 Responses to “Crackpot Visionary of the Month: Joseph Carnevale”

  1. Infamous Amos Says:

    Some things are totally worth getting arrested for.

    Some reputable gallery owner out there should front this brilliant bastard some bail money and give him some work.

  2. Jerem Morrow Says:

    Hells yes.

  3. Barry Kooda Says:

    I’ll pitch in to help with fines.
    That’s a great piece of work!

  4. David Forbes Says:

    Wow. That’s an awesome piece. I feel a stirring of regional/state pride. Joseph, you’re keeping on in the finest traditions of Southern craziness.

    Fuckin’ Raleigh never has a sense of humor.

  5. Brandy Says:

    The thing that upsets me the most is I never got to see this piece because it’s on the other end of Hillsborough Street from where I work. :( They should have left it up if they are pressing charges.

  6. Krazmo Says:

    From the Raleigh News & Observer:

    “Facebook pages such as “Don’t Charge Joseph Carnevale” and “Art isn’t Crime!” have formed, with Barrel Monster-backers urged to contact Wake District Attorney Colon Willoughby and ask that the charges be dropped.”

    “Willoughby himself questions how serious the crime is. And workers for the construction company that owns the barrels say they were sad to see the monster go and don’t want anyone criminally charged.”


    “The owner of the barrels, Hamlett Associates, a Climax, N.C.-company, told Everett it wasn’t interested in pressing charges, said Daniel Hall, a project manager for the company.”

    “”I kind of wanted the Barrel Monster back,” Hall said, adding that the monster and maybe a clone around the construction zone would be more effective than the existing barrels in deterring traffic.”

  7. Tony the Tiger Says:

    As a big fan of public, DIY art I applaud the creativity of this fine fellow and hope that the spirit of “You know what… that actually was pretty funny. We’re dropping all charges.” that seems apparent from all parties prevails.

    Also a “me too” on Infamous Amos’ suggestion. Galleries/Art world encouraging and rewarding folks for expressing art publicly like this would be grand.

  8. Parasvati Says:

    Where can we contribute to help this man and get the Barrel Monster back!! I want the Barrel Monster back!!! Right now, Willoughby!!

  9. James Shearhart Says:

    Angry Construction Barrel Monster sez “Look right, left, then right again, before crossing the street!”

  10. cappy Says:

    Somebody else out there needs to do this again, just to make a point, but don’t get caught this time!

  11. Tequila Says:

    The world needs more barrel monsters on the roadways keeping us safe dammit.

  12. Kale Kip Says:

    That is a hero

  13. Chris Lowrance Says:

    The company that owned the barrels is now talking about paying him to remake it. Nice to know not everyone in my state is a dick.

  14. Aillecks Says:

    This reminds me of the crate men in Melbourne. Turns out there’s a website and everything on them:

    Yay for random, public artstuffs.