The Centaurs Of Ron Rodgers

Stitched together and strapped with machinery, Ron Rodgers’s creations delicately tiptoe over ruined landscapes on spindly legs; god-like alien centaurs traipsing across a desolate wasteland. Towering over the dusty bones of long dead buildings they roam the land, looking for what no one can be sure.

Rodgers’s work is by turns fascinating and mundane. I’m a huge fan of these centaur pieces; the stitched torsos, gas mask visages, and skeletal limbs make for beautifully bizarre pieces. It’s a shame, then, that a larger part of his portfolio — at least as it is represented at the site linked — is static columns, comprised of limbless torsos bedecked in a range of detritus. They lack the otherworldly qualities of both look and movement that make these such standout efforts. I can only hope that these, perhaps, represent a taste of things to come.

[via Super Punch]

10 Responses to “The Centaurs Of Ron Rodgers”

  1. Fausty Says:

    Ooooh, sexy. :-)

  2. drea Says:

    beautiful yet slightly grotesque

  3. six06 Says:

    at first glance, i thought these were Dali made flesh. wonderful works. i rather like his other works. maybe not “otherworldly”, but no less fantastical and imaginative.

  4. Shay Says:

    Absolutely stunning. Wow… Just. Wow.

  5. Vivacious G Says:


  6. Paul Komoda Says:

    Fucking love those.

  7. Jerem Morrow Says:


  8. glass_glimpse Says:

    A number of his works seem VERY Dali-esque, these long legged ones as well as “State of Union” and “Liberty Enlightened.”

    I’m divided.

  9. reez Says:

    WOW… Very fascinating! Looking at his earlier works in his online gallery and these ones, it makes me look forward for his future works. Thanks for sharing these!

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