The Sun, It Burnss Uss

Be it impossible heels, rib-crushing corsets or extremely tight pants, many beautiful items leave us suffering for fashion. While sadistic sartorial contraptions are a thing of the past for most, those of us from thee Darque Side continue to shun comfort and reason in favor of looking really fucking hot. Sadly, “really fucking hot” takes on a sinister literal meaning with the onset of summer. Only the very brave manage to find the strength to maintain their look in the face of nature’s merciless opposition, and Goths In Hot Weather – a new blog dedicated to “celebrating the Sunshine Goth” has noticed.

With events like Bats Day and costumed picnics popping up across the globe, goths are being continuously lured out and into the cruel, cruel sunshine. Alas, what to do but proudly brandish that parasol, cake on the SPF 75 and face the season in all its scorching ice cream and surfboard glory. I’m currently wishing I had a bit of extra time to dig through my photos for a worthy submission. If your moments of summer fashion victory [or defeat] get posted on Goths In Hot Weather, please link to them in the comments section here!

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23 Responses to “The Sun, It Burnss Uss”

  1. Miss Destructo Says:

    What they should make is a “Goths in Rainy Weather” :)

  2. Sakara Says:

    i love this fact im in there a few times..

  3. Jon Munger Says:

    Awww. It’s so cute when my alma mater try to brave the stinking hot rays of pain and/or burning. Alas, the pictures don’t really capture the looks of chagrined fortitude that so often grace the face of the big black boot set.

    Oh, and thank you for Look at That Fucking Hipster, or , “People I want to beat to a small red puddle with a baseball bat.”

  4. Tequila Says:

    Isn’t the key to victory a lot of breathable fabrics and very light material? Always seemed kinda futile to fight the heat dressed in black. I say embrace it like the fires of Hell dammit.

    Then go swimming.

    LookAtThatFuckingHipster…please go to Wed. May 27th. If you see that person EVER in life…hit them. Hard.

  5. thekamisama Says:

    A few years back I was doing way too much outdoor work during the summer. While out with some friends trying to waste my hard earned money, I was “threatened” with removal from a goth night for having too healthy of a tan by someone at a local club who really had no authority on the matter other than being up a strangers ass for no good reason. I did feel somewhat vindicated when we returned a month later. That same ubergothik madame had to be asked to leave by the actual authority of the club because she threw a fit when a local pro football team came in to slum in the club after a Preseason game.
    @Tequila – ACK! that is just wrong.. and sloppy to boot! Sadly they are probably too hip to realize the eternal mistake they made.

  6. Ben Morris Says:

    My favorite weapon for dealing with the heat of the south in the summer is lightweight linen. Breathability makes all the difference. Current attire: linen pants and a metal band’s t-shirt.

  7. R. Says:

    I’m with Ben. The South has heat that kills and it’s best to go lightweight. The sun is sometimes beautiful but always evil.

    And LATFH is pretty damn hilarious.

  8. Kale Kip Says:

    Yeah linen. And flashy metallic circuitry rash guards, if you’re into such an anti-goth activity as surfing, that is.

  9. aristhasia Says:

    Yay for the silly goth site, but that hipster site is un-funny.
    Viceland is much more amusing!

  10. samantha blake Says:

    you are all pansies..i am a goth and i live in south florida..Adapt!

  11. samantha blake Says:


  12. Jessica Says:

    Too funny, love it!!!
    IMHO, the critical accessory is a gargantuan black hat, preferably one that can be shoved into a bag and emerge intact. San Diego Hat Co. makes ones that are as big as a parasol and virtually indestructible…my secret weapon. ;)

  13. Samantha Says:

    Oh the lols.

  14. Kale Kip Says:

    @ thekamisama

    Whenever that happens again, just tell the goth-polizei you are actually black. It usually works for me (you can even get free drinks that way sometimes).

  15. noire Says:

    this has been all over the web in the past couple of days.

    like i said on ungoth, i think they’re being far too gentle.

  16. Shay Says:

    Yeah a friend of mine showed me this a few days ago. I’m still kinda shaken ;)

  17. Alice Says:

    Ha, I just ran into this blog the other day! Scanning through it, I have to admit, I was a little worried that I’d find a picture of my 13-year-old self on there…but no dice. Yet.

  18. Emily Says:

    Sadly being partly Armenian I was never able to get that gothic paleness no matter how much I avoided the sun. I’ve given up and have a tan thanks to many dog walks. Meh. But please! I beg of you! Someone must bring back goth macros as a blog! That was the best goth based hilarity to ever be created.

  19. ladyCommissar Says:

    This makes me miss wearing my high school wardrobe. The irony is that I dont think I can get away with wearing any of it, yet Ive kept it all!

  20. GothsInHotWeather Says:

    @Noire – too gentle eh? Maybe I’ll get a little more biting :)
    @Alice – send in thos old pictures and I’ll see what mischief I can make ;)
    @Sakara – you’re like my Dark Gothy Cheerleader! Actually, there’s an idea…
    @ Everyone – really glad you like the site, keep coming back for more please!

  21. meardearna Says:

    that is the best blog EVER

  22. Ana Droid Says:


    One of my high-school hobbies was watching the goths walk slowly across sun-lit fields in 30C weather. It cracked me up, even though I was friends with some of them.

  23. Ana Droid Says:

    As for viceland, it makes me want to kill myself for being a part of my generation.