A Cloud Of Strawberries.

There are some days on which I have absolutely no intention of blogging. My mind dessicated, dry and wrung out like an old, disintegrating sponge, the words are simply no longer there. They have abandoned the empty husk which once housed them and have relocated elsewhere, out of my reach and away from the harsh, disapproving gaze of the blinking cursor on my monitor.

This was to be one such day and, indeed, it was until I came across this piece, entitled Fluid, by Clair Morgan. Something about it stuck with me and I kept coming back to it; staring at it. I thought about it on my way home. It’s hard for me to pinpoint just exactly what draws me to it. I suppose it’s the precision of the entire affair. The way the strawberries are hung in neat rows except for those that perfectly follow the trajectory of the fallen crow. The arrangement of the crow itself caught at the point of impact; and the carefully squashed strawberries that accompany its terminus. All these, working in concert create a startling sense of movement; of a moment frozen perfectly in time.

via who killed bambi?

8 Responses to “A Cloud Of Strawberries.”

  1. Alice Says:

    For some unknown reason, I usually don’t take to art pieces that incorporate taxidermy (I’ve nothing against taxidermy in the home, so I really don’t know why I feel this way). But this…it’s like it’s not even taxidermy. It’s too immediate.

    How awesome!

  2. Zoetica Says:

    Completely awestruck. Bravo, Clair!

  3. Kale Kip Says:

    I really wonder how one taxidermies strawberries

  4. Patricia Says:

    I respect and appreciate art that blows me away with originality of concept and precision in execution. This is such a piece. Thank you :)

  5. tyhiliet Says:

    How absolutly wonderful. My reaction to the first image, “flouting strawberries !!.. Poor bird must have chocked on one” .

  6. kate Says:


  7. Leslie F. Miller Says:

    Whoa. This is quite the beauty.

  8. wilsokay Says:

    I just recently stumbled across the work of Clair Morgan. She seems to incorporate taxidermy in many of her pieces. Normally this would not interest me but I find that the animals in her pieces have a unique elegance. I love the subtle movements created in this particular piece. The free floating strawberries create a nice air in the construction that the viewer can appreciate from all angles. I also feel that the repetition of shapes is also a necessity to this piece. I am not sure of her concept but I find this piece both remarkable and moving.