Ghost Busters (1954)

Like any good, nerdly child of my era I was enamored with the Ghostbusters. The original film is a hallmark of my early years, though I will admit that the cartoon, which would eventually be called The Real Ghostbusters, probably exerted a greater pull on my psyche. It was these representations of the quartet of spirit exterminators whose merchandise adorned my room. These were the faces on the action figures and posters. They were the ones whose proton-packs were emulated by hollow plastic, complete with child-safe foam beam. Wherever I went, a cartoon-themed trail of plastic detritus followed.

The brand has its hooks embedded deep in me, then, so one may understand why I would be so bewitched by this alternate past version of Ghost Busters from Columbia Pictures starring Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, and Fred MacMurray. A Frankenstein’s monster of various films and television shows expertly edited and stitched together to form a pitch-perfect trailer for this horror/sci-fi/comedy from an other-dimensional 1954, featuring a number of subtle references and skillfully hidden nods to a much loved, childhood touchstone. It’s almost enough to make me dig out the old charged particle accelerator.

6 Responses to “Ghost Busters (1954)”

  1. Alice Says:

    Sheer genius! I love the films, in a slightly guilty pleasure kind of way, and had many toys.
    Thank you so much for sharing. : )

  2. bairdduvessa Says:

    that was great!

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  4. Natasha Says:

    What a cast, but Bob Hope, steal my heart, he’s just so funny!!
    Wonderful post, thanks for sharing =)

  5. California Girl Says:

    As a Fifties/Sixties kid, I thought I knew all the old movies but you have me here! So “Ghostbusters” was another Hollywood re make. That is too funny. This one looks awful but is probably worth the watch if only for all the similarities drawn from it. What is ectoplasm anyway?

  6. Doozer Says:

    He made another one: