Hyungkoo Lee’s “Objectuals” and The Constant Siege

8-EP, by Hyungkoo Lee, from the series Objectuals.

If you’re not reading CONSTANT SIEGE, you should be. Photographer Clayton Cubitt’s tumbleblog diary is full of memorable quotes, photographs and footage, mixed in with Cubitt’s own work. The result is a voyeuristic glimpse at an artist’s audiovisual predilections, similar to Audrey Kawasaki’s ffffound page in the sense that you can draw interesting comparisons between what the author chooses to “clip” and what they produce. Most artists keep a secret stash of images they find interesting, and I appreciate those who share at least a small portion of that with the public.

Together, the past week’s eclectic collection of discoveries – which includes a sensual Gabriel von Max painting titled The Anatomist, a grisly early 20th-century Manhattan crime scene, a silicon sculpture of a human face that’s equally realistic and demonic, the Oriental rat flea, a fascination with with plague doctor masks spanning several posts, the first photo ever taken by Cubitt (at age 5), an SS recruiting poster from Norway that’s perfectly in keeping with Cubitt’s photographic color scheme, and the “Highlights from Wildwood, NJ” video – officially make this the Best Constant Siege Week Ever.

Enlarging My Right Hand with Gauntlet 1 by Hyungkoo Lee

Going a little further back, I was taken by these images from Hyungkoo Lee’s series Objectuals. Lee’s surreal augmentation of the face and body reminds me of Paddy’s Hartley’s experiments with face corsets, and faintly recalls my favorite shot from the movie Brazil. More images from the series after the jump, and yet more on Lee’s site.

3 Responses to “Hyungkoo Lee’s “Objectuals” and The Constant Siege”

  1. Mer Says:

    Yep. Best Tumblr out there, if you ask me. I started following Siege’s adventures/musings online when he was journaling on Nerve.com years and years ago. He never fails to blow my mind.

    My favorite tidbit from him this week has got to be the fucking amazing trailer for WATTSTAX, which I promptly went out and bought.

  2. Infamous Amos Says:

    Big fan of the Siege. Its like the cryptic and earnest scrapbook of a mad man polarized by his fucked and beautiful world.

    I owe him a steak dinner for informing me of the movie Bronson.

  3. Kai Smart Says:

    I have a huge crush on him.
    I’m pretty sure I found him first, back at Nerve, and then you guys.
    I feel like all the people I follow on the internet know each other. Strange.