Interior Decorating

In my mind’s eye there stands a mansion. From the outside it appears somewhat modest, at least for a mansion. Comprised of brick, mortar, and stone its facade is dotted with windows. It is wider than it is tall, though not by a great degree. It has a circular car park in front of it which you reach by driving down a long, cobblestone driveway. It is surrounded by green, verdant lawns. It is a conglomeration of every Merchant Ivory movie ever made. The skies in this place are always gray. It is a pleasant gray if such a thing exists.

Inside this mansion things become askew. The interior space is an impossibility when one considers the exterior dimensions. Hallways stretch seemingly forever, leading to room upon cavernous room. The architect of my mind’s mansion clearly shows his Escher influences without shame. When you walk your footsteps echo.

And everywhere, everywhere, there are shelves and drawers; cupboards and cubbyholes. The mansion in my mind has a library the size of a sports arena, the shelves rising multiple stories accessed by stairs and platforms and ladders. To attempt to reach a book in my library is to taunt death. The mansion in my mind is a container, a repository for things; a dilettante’s warehouse.

The mansion in my mind is always under construction; though there is never any construction to be seen. Every time I open my browser an addition appears. Sometimes it’s just an another piece of furniture; yet another card catalog on Craigslist. Sometimes it’s an entire room. Today it happens to be a Romanian pharmacy. I think the mansion in my mind could use a pharmacy.

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6 Responses to “Interior Decorating”

  1. Colleena Says:

    are there any rooms for rent?

  2. Nadya Says:

    Ross, this post was really inspiring. A few years ago, I wanted to design a website themed like an old pharmacy, and images like this are what inspired me. Never finished that site, through remnants of it are somewhere out there. This post made me feel nostalgic, in a good way. Thank you for that.

  3. Alice Says:

    I can just smell the dust and pleasant oldness, and I feel right at home.

    (I hope the land surrounding this mansion involved weird topiary.)

  4. Mer Says:


  5. Umbria Design Studio Says:

    The place is neat and cool. I wonder why, is it really a requirement to put many shelves and drawers; cupboards and cubbyholes on a mansion like that? But it’s cool. It reminds me of something like in the movie.

  6. ionsysad Says:

    The wooden design above is just amazing i have not seen any such interior decoration idea in my life.