International Expansion and Comic-Con Appearance

by Edd Cartier, “Other Worlds” 1952

Guys, we have two major announcements.

First of all, Coilhouse is going international! The three of us have been operating out of California for the past two years, but as of August, we’ll be releasing our spores across three different continents. Nadya’s job is moving her to London, and Mer is traveling to New Zealand to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a professional hobbit-fluffer. Meanwhile, Zo shall continue to oversee our sinister stateside operations from her sooper seekrit LA lair.

Die Nachthexen. Hat-tip to Suzanne G of Wurzeltod.

Coilhouse readers attending Nerd Prom (aka the San Diego Comic-Con) have one last chance see us all in one place at the same time at the Avatar Press booth before we scatter to the winds. It’s actually quite fitting that our final meeting is at Comic-Con, seeing as that’s where the three of us met face-to-face for the first time two years ago. We’ll be signing and selling copies of Issue 03. Below are the specifics:

Where: San Diego Comic-Con, booth #2701 (front of the 2700 isle, by the front doors).
When: Saturday, July 25
What time: 12 to 1 PM

Also, Mer is going to be performing some tunes with her old friend Amanda Palmer at the big CBLDF fundraising concert on Friday night in San Diego. Click here for details. Hope to see you there!

13 Responses to “International Expansion and Comic-Con Appearance”

  1. Shay Says:

    Aww. Wish I could be there. Have fun at nerd prom!

  2. Dan Says:

    Well if Nadya ever needs someone to show her round Oxford, I’m on the end of the phone. Good luck in New Zealand Mer. I’ve wanted to live there ever since I visited for new millennium night.

  3. kate Says:

    Nice to hear one third of the magazine creators will be operating out of London.
    Best of British luck with your move!

  4. Nadya Says:

    Dan, that would be awesome! I will drop you a line when I get all settled in. Would love to see Oxford. Looking forward to meeting the Coilhouse readers of the UK!

  5. Evelyn Says:

    You know about the Oxford university art show opening in Oct? I am being vage but if you pop me a email I can give you all the details and set it up where you get in on the opening night with a press pass.

  6. Terra Trouve Says:

    i can see a london contingent flourishing forthwith.
    Glad to have you Nadya. (that sounds like i’m speaking on behalf of the whole city… i’m not the mayor or anything. just enthusiastic.)

  7. Molly Crabapple Says:

    That’s wonderful about your signing! I curse yee gods I’m signing at the same time, but I will certainly stop by and give a hug after I sneak away from the SketchTheatre booth

  8. secretia Says:

    wishing you a wonderful welcome to blighty, nadya!

    i’m based in the south on the hampshire/wiltshire border…10 mins from stonehenge

    if you need a green break about an hour from the city, i’m your gal…


  9. m1k3y Says:

    Mer –

    on behalf of the Future United Republic of Australia and New Zealand (which has undersea train services running between Wellington and Melbourne, hurrah!), I welcome you.

    It’s really nice down here, I swear. I’m not constantly looking out for cheap flights to LA or anything..

  10. Cameron Says:

    Oh you, and your “Hey Cameron, I hear you are going to comic con every day except Saturday. Guess we should schedule our signing then huh?”

    Yeah, I know that none of you know me, and most people think that maybe that would indicate that me and my schedule didn’t factor into your plans. But I think we all know the truth.

  11. Beth Says:

    Am again jealous of the Nerd Party, but glad that it’s happening and already see the signing and whole event it as a rip rawing success, which you all deserve.

    And YEY London! Gives me another reason to actually get out my Camden flat for once and go talent hunting, Coilhouse shirt clad and all! Safe journey over here, Nadya and happy Comicon to all!

  12. Dan Says:

    Nadya, well you’ve got my email via this site and I’m on twitter as @hmobius. Have a good trip and see you on this side of the pond.

  13. Renai Says:

    Met you on the trolley leaving the nerd prom (comic con) on Thursday I believe. I said I didn’t like writing (a lie, just to set the record straight). Just wanted to say your blog is lovely and it is now part of my Google reader and I will be keeping my eye out for the magazine!