Invading The Vintage

In a perfect world Switzerland would be exactly like the one depicted in these altered postcards by Franco Brambilla. The rolling, green fields littered with space-faring vehicles; an alien parking lot. The yodelers silenced by giant metal tripods which stride over the snow-capped mountains. The resorts, peppered with interstellar and Earthly tourists alike; gathered together for a weekend of skiing and chocolate tastings or in town for a cuckoo clock enthusiast’s convention.

Unfortunately this is not the case. No, in reality the aliens only come here to mutilate our bovines and abduct people who believe in the healing powers of crystals and the only reason anyone visits Switzerland is to utilize their efficient banking system to avoid paying taxes. And no one would ever admit to being a cuckoo clock enthusiast.

2 Responses to “Invading The Vintage”

  1. Barbara (from Switzerland) Says:

    Hah! I wish…

  2. Fausty Says:

    Switzerland is BASE jumping heaven – if the aliens had any good sense, they’d bring their rigs, packed slider-up, and enjoy endless long-delay jumps from overhanging limestone cliffs. Aaaaah, the life. . .

    Fausty (BASE_715)