Nerd Up, Fall On Your Sword. Nerd Up.

According to Fall On Your Sword, stuff Captain James T. Kirk wants nothing more than to make love to the mountain. (This, after ingesting too much LSD and wrapping his penis in pure alcohol.) Thanks, internet.

(Via Neil Gaiman. Cheers.)

5 Responses to “Nerd Up, Fall On Your Sword. Nerd Up.”

  1. Merkw├╝rdigLiebe Says:

    “she packed my bag
    last night pre flight
    zero hour, nine a.m.
    and I’m gonna be HIGH…”
    William Shattner is definatly the cooles guy on earth ^^

  2. Ruby Says:

    the perfect end to a ridiculous evening. magical. and you know. i too wanna make love to the mountain.

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  4. Catherine Traub Says:

    I love you.

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