CH Mini-Makeover and Shoutout to Our Supporters

This is just a housekeeping post to let you know that the Coilhouse page has been updated. We’ve changed the look of the buttons at the top of the site, and added two new links. The first is a proper button for our shop (where shirts, stickers and Issue 03 are still available!) and the second is a link to our updated Coilhouse FAQ. The FAQ covers both the magazine and the blog.

We’ve also put up a FAQ for potential small business advertisers! This program was a hit in Issue 03, and we want to thank all the indie businesses who took the plunge and placed an ad. The advertisers we ended up with were very diverse, but all appropriate to Coilhouse; to give you a range, Issue 03’s ads included a music label, a shop of rare books, a company that makes Victorian-inspired clothing, and a gal who makes monster jewelry/soap. The PDFs of the final ad pages that appeared in Issue 03 can be found below:

As of this time, we’re ready to begin accepting ads for Issue 04.  The closing date for Issue 04 advertising is September 15th. This leaves you guys with some time to book an ad, but please note that ads are placed into the magazine in the order in which they were received, which means that the earliest-booked ads end up on the most prominent pages! So if you’re interested in advertising in Coilhouse, now’s the time to review the advertising FAQ and email Nadya if interested. Thank you!

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